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Q: In which sport can you score a 'duck'?
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What sport would score a duck?

The sport is cricket in which the batter is bowled out without scoring a single run (out for a duck).

In which sport would you use the word duck?

Duck hunting and dodgeball "Duck" is a cricket term. It refers to when a batsman is dismissed for a score of zero. He is "out for a duck".

Is which sport can you score a duck?

cricket. For getting out without scoring a run.

What sport doesn't keep score?

there is no sport that doesn't keep score

What is a fun sport game that you made-up?

speedaway! and duck duck goose

Why is a the score of zero called 'a duck'?


If you are out for a duck what sport are you playing?


If a perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?

If your perfect score is 300 what sport are you playing?

What is a duck in a cricket match?

A duck is what it is called when you are made OUT without any score. If you are out on your first received ball that is called a golden duck

How much did bradman score in his last game?

o - duck

When did bradman score a duck in sydney?

His last game lmao

If you score a turkey what sport are you in?