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It was played first in Rugby School, Rugby, England in 1823.

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Q: In which country was rugby first played?
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What country was rugby first played in?

England. it's where William Webb Ellis invented the game at Rugby school.

Where was rugby league first played?

Rugby League was first played in Northern England after separating from the Rugby 'Union'.

Which country hosted the rugby world cup in which for the first time all the games were played in one country?

south Africa

Where did rugby get its name?

From 'Rugby School' where it was invented and first played.

What country is rugby created?

Rugby football developed from a version of football played at Rugby School in England

What was dan carters first rugby team he played in?

the first rugby team Dan carter played in was the crusader's.

What Country is Rugby played the most?

Rugby Union is the official sport of New Zealand.

What country was the first rugby game?


What was the first country to play rugby?


When was the first rugby world cup played?

The first Rugby Union world cup match was played at Eden Park 1987 with a viewing audience of 300 millionThe first Rugby league was played in 1954k

When was the first Rugby game played?

The first formal rules for Rugby were produced at Rugby school,and played by students of the school; but they origniate from a variety of ball games played since ancient times.

Where does the name rugby come from?

Rugby was first played in its current, standardised form by William Webb Ellis at Rugby School in Rugby, Warwickshire, England, in 1823. Hence, rugby got it's name from the school where it was first played.

What was the first rugby match?

Rugby was invented in an all boys school in England so the first game of Rugby was probably played there

Where was rugby first played?

Technically at Rugby School Warwickshire, England 1815

What was the first type of football played?


Who played rugby league first?


In which states is rugby union played in?

What country do you refer to please

Who was the first African country to play rugby?


In which country is the rugby World Cup played?

The rugby world cup is played once every four years. It is held in a different country each time which is decided by the International Rugby Board. The next rugby world cup will be held in 2015 in England.

Is rugby a toponym?

Yes the name for the sport rugby came from the place (Rugby School) where the sport was first played

Where in the United Kingdom was rugby formed?

The game was named after Rugby School where it was first played.

Where was the first rugby union international played?


What was the first sport ever played in the world?


When was the first rugby ever played in the world?


What is the most popular sport played in the country of New Zealand?

Its Rugby.