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Q: In what years did the Cowboys beat the Bills in the Super Bowl?
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What Super Bowl cowboys beat bills?

The Cowboys beat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII (1993) and Super Bowl XXVIII (1994).

What years did Dallas Cowboys defeat the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl?


What team was beat in the super bowl by the cowboys two years in a row?

buffalo bills

What was the Super Bowl against the Bills and Cowboys?

They played each other in Super Bowls XXVll and XXVlll. The Cowboys winning both. In Super Bowl XXVll on January 31, 1993, the Cowboys 53 Bills 17. In Super Bowl XXVlll on January 30, 1994, the Cowboys 30 Bills 13.l

What three teams defeated the Buffalo Bills in their 4 Super Bowl appearances.?

The Bills have lost 4 Super Bowls but to only 3 different teams: The Bills lost Super Bowl 25 to the New York Giants. The Bills lost Super Bowl 26 to the Washington Redskins. The Bills lost Super Bowl 27 to the Dallas Cowboys . The Bills lost Super Bowl 28 to the Dallas Cowboys.

Did the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl when they played the Buffalo Bills?

Yes. The Cowboys' back-to-back wins in Super Bowl 27 and 28 were both against the Bills.

Who did the bills lose to in the Super Bowl?

The Bills lost to the NY Giants, Washington Redskins, and Dallas Cowboys two years in a row...

Who played in the 1993 Super Bowl?

The Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills. The Cowboys won.

In what Super Bowl did Dallas defeat the Bills?

In Super Bowl XXVII played January 31, 1993 the Cowboys defeated the Bills 52-17 and in Super Bowl XXVIII played January 30, 1994 the Cowboys defeated the Bills 30-13.

Has there ever been a Super Bowl rematch back to back years?

The Cowboys and Bills are the only Super Bowl rematch in back to back years. This happened in Super Bowls XXVII and XXVIII.

What were the years the Bills were in the Super Bowl?

The Bills were in the super bowl during 1990,91,92, and 93.

Who did the Dallas Cowboys play in their 5 Super Bowl wins?

The 5 Dallas Cowboy Super Bowl victories are as follows:Super Bowl VIDallas Cowboys - 24Miami Dolphins - 3Super Bowl XIIIDallas Cowboys - 27Denver Broncos - 10Super Bowl XXVIIDallas Cowboys - 52Buffalo Bills - 17Super Bowl XXVIIIDallas Cowboys - 30Buffalo Bills - 13Super Bowl XXXDallas Cowboys - 27Pittsburgh Steelers - 17

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