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He was drafted in 2001 and was 1st round 1st pick of the draft.

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Q: In what year did Michael Vick get drafted by the Atlanta Falcons?
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Who did Michael Vick get drafted by?

The Atlanta Falcons.

How many years did Michael Vick play for the Atlanta Falcons?

Michael Vick played six seasons for the Atlanta Falcons (2001-2006).

What year did the atlanta falcon get Michael Vick?

the atlanta falcons got Micheal Vick in 2001

Who played quarterback for the 2005 falcons?

In 2005 Michael Vick WA the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons.

Did Michael Vick ever play for San Diego?

No, Vick did not play for San Diego. He ( Vick ) was drafted out of college by Atlanta and played only for the Falcons up to the time of his arrest.Vick now plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

What was the first team Michael Vick played on?

The 1st NFL team Vick played on was the Atlanta Falcons.

What is top selling NFL jersey for 2005?

Michael Vick - Atlanta Falcons

What NFL teams did Michael Vick play for?

Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles

How old in Vick?

Michael Vick is 34 years old. Michael Vick is a professional quarterback in the NFL having played for the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles.

Who did the Atlanta Falcons trade for Michael Vick?

Vick was drafted by the Falcons in 2001. He's never been traded for anyone. The Falcons got the first pick in the draft that year from San Diego in exchange for their first-round, third round, 2nd in 2002, and WR Tim Dwight.

When was Mike Vick drafted to Eagles?

He was never drafted by the Eagles. He was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 2001 with the 1st pick of the draft. He was signed by the Eagles after getting out of jail.

What football team was Michael Vick on?

The Atlanta Falcons and currently on the Philadelphia Eagles as a third string

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