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Davis holds the distinction of being credited with making the longest shot in NBA history, an 89-footer against the Bucks on Nov. 17, 2001.

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Q: In what year did Baron Davis of the Charlotte Hornets make the longest shot and how far did he shoot the ball?
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Did Baron Davis play with Larry Johnson?

No, they missed each other by a few years on the Hornets.

What teams did baron Davis play for?

The Golden State Warriors, the New Orleans Hornets, and the Los Angeles Clippers.

How long was the longest shot in basketball history?

Answer Baron Davis 89ft.record set in 2001 against cle.cav. that is wrong, you see, he was playing with the Charlotte bobcats, and was playing against the Milwaukee Bucks.

Where did Baron Davis go to college?

Baron Davis attended UCLA.

What is the birth name of Baron Davis?

Baron Davis's birth name is Baron Walter Louis Davis.

What nicknames does Baron Davis go by?

Baron Davis goes by The Baron, B-Diddy, and Too Easy.

Longest basketball shot made?

Kevin Love, 90ft, brating the precious record(baron Davis) of 89ft

When was Baron Davis born?

Baron Davis was born on April 13, 1979.

How old is Baron Davis?

Baron Davis is 38 years old (birthdate: April 13, 1979).

What is longest basketball shot ever made?

Baron Davis has the longest in game record of 92 feet but with 98 attempts Kevin Love made a 94 footer on sports science.

Who was the first 5 players selected in the 1999 NBA draft?

1. Elton Brand, drafted by the Chicago Bulls.2.Steve Francis, drafted by the Vancouver Grizzlies.3. Baron Davis, drafted by the Charlotte Hornets.4. Lamar Odom, drafted by LA Clippers.5. Jonathan Bender, drafted by the Toronto Raptors.

Is Baron Davis gay?

Yes he is.

What team is Baron Davis on?

Davis plays for the Los Angeles Clippers.

What is Baron Davis's birthday?

Baron Davis was born on April 13, 1979.

What is the longest jump shot ever made in NBA history?

Baron Davis once made an 89 ft shot against the Bucks in Nov. 2001.

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Some people believe Baron Davis is the best player ever. They believe he better then Dirk Norwixe, and Dwane Wade.

Is Teri Hatcher still dating Baron Davis?

NO SHE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did baron Davis play for duke?

no i think he was from UCLA

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How did Baron Davis become famous?

Baron Davis became famous as a basketball players in the NBA. He has played for the Los Angeles Clippers, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks.

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