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New York?

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Q: In what state is wfan the first all-sports radio station?
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What radio station has Oklahoma state football?

the Oklahoma state football radio station

What is the kiss radio station like what numbers?

It depends on which Kiss radio station you're talking about, first you need to state if it's FM, or AM, and which city and state they broadcast from. Then someone can provide you with the answer you're looking for.

Which radio station is Koy on?

The radio station Koy began in Arizona in 1921. It was the state's first. One can still hear Koy in 2013 on the AM band. The type of music plays is a mix of classics, country, pop and rock. The radio station is based in Phoenix.

What FM radio station is radio Disney?

search in google radio disney channel locator. then click the first link. then find your state/capital and click on it.

What radio stations in Ohio broadcast the Ohio state football games?

cincinati radio station that brodcast Ohio state football

What radio station plays Hannah Montana See You Again?

The only radio station that plays any of Miley's songs is radio Disney. Other stations believe her music is only for tweens and teens only. You will have to find the station that radio Disney comes in in your state, but it will be on AM.

A radio station conducts a poll to identify what are the best restaurants in a community by asking its listeners to call the station and state their opinions?

A radio station conducts a poll to identify what are the best restaurants in a community by asking its listeners to call the station and state their opinions what would be the major source of bias?

What state has the radio station Juice FM?

The radio station Juice FM was originally a British Independent Local Radio. It was set up in 1998 but was later taken over by UTV Radio, which mainly serves the UK.

What is radio station 102.3's number?

Radio station channels (102.3) are not unique. You need to give a city and state or call letters for anyone to help you.

Which state is the radio station KFI 640 offered in?

KFI 640 is an AM radio station broadcast out of Los Angeles, California. It began operations in 1922, and currently offers a variety of talk radio programming to its listeners.

Which radio station is the best in ogun state nigeria?

rockcity 101.9fm

Is there a company called WBBA?

WBBA is an FM radio station that broadcasts news, sports, and talk radio from the state of Illinois.

What radio station in Cincinnati Ohio broadcast the Ohio State football games?

AM 1480.

How can you raise money for a college radio station for new equipment?

have a donation drive, ask listeners to donate money for new equipment. NPR does its fund raising drives why can't you. Cleveland State University does one for its radio station

Where is the radio station Joy FM located?

The radio station Joy FM is located in the state of Florida. That means that the programs that are run on Joy FM only reach locations withing a couple of hundred mile radius of its location in Florida.

In which country can one tune in to Sport FM radio?

One can tune into Sport FM radio from the United States. This station deals in sports news and live commentary and debate over the air waves. This station can be accessed from any state in the US.

What station is Metallica on?

the most common radio channel for metallica played songs in the state of kentucky is 100.1 wkqq

What radio chanell is kwxi?

A Christian talk radio station based in Glenwood, Arkansas. Also, as they state, "Home of the ORIGINAL Swap Shop. Often imitated, but never duplicated."

What radio station brodcast New jersey Devils games?

My best answer would be 660 WFAN in the tri-state area

What State is WSB radio broadcast?

WSB radio is broadcast in the US state of Georgia. More specifically WSB is broadcast in Atlanta. The radio channel was first broadcast in March 1922.

Which president was the first to broadcast the state of union speech on the radio?

Calvin Coolidge

What radio station does Rush Limbaugh come on?

Rush Limbaugh is a syndicated talk show host, and he is heard on more than 600 stations nationwide. Without knowing which state you live in, we cannot tell you where to hear him; but I am enclosing a link that will tell you all of the stations that broadcast his programs.

What station is 95.3 on from the radio?

There are numerous stations that are 95.3 all over the US. You will need to know the city/state to determine the stations name.

Which President was the first to broadcast the State of the Union speech on the radio?

Calvin Coolidge

Who was the first president to use a radio address?

Warren Harding was the first to speak on the radio. The date was flag day, June 14,1922 and it was not a formal speech. On December 6, 1923, President Coolidge was the first president to have his state of the union address heard on the radio.