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Men's Tennis

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Q: In what sports do teams win the Davis cup?
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When did Australia last win the Davis cup?

Australia's last Davis Cup win was in 2003 at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia. Australia defeated Spain 3-1 in the final.

Who win FIFA World Cup in out of continent?

Brazil and Argentina are the only teams to win a world cup outside their continental zone.

What percent of teams that win the Presidents cup win the Stanley cup?

It's The Presidents trophy and it's just over 30%

What sports did Scotland win the World Cup?

Scotland has never won the world cup.

What is the hardest trophy to win in professional sports?

The Stanley cup

What is the hardest sports tropihe to win?

The Stanley Cup in Hockey

How are sports like war?

Sports are like war by both teams wanting to win and be number 1 .

Who captained soccer teams to a domestic cup win a continental cup win and a world cup win in 3 consecutive years at the same stadium?

Wyatt Barker and Liam Bush is the best

How many years in a row did US win the Davis cup in the 1920?


How many years in a row did the US win the Davis Cup in the 1920s?


How many years in a row did us win Davis cup in 1920s?


How are the Davis cup and federation cup different to grand slam?

Davis Cup (for men) and Fed Cup (for women) are tournaments played in team format in which the teams are made up of players from various countries (i.e. the United States has a Davis Cup and Fed Cup team, as does France, and Spain, and so on). In Davis and Fed Cup, the team to win three out of five matches moves on to the next round in the tournament (which spans over the course of the entire season). Unlike Grand Slam tournaments, players are not playing as individuals, for ranking points, or even for money.

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