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You can perform a curveball in many sports, Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Baseball, almost every sport that contains a ball

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Q: In what sport would you perform a 'Curveball'?
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If you were to perform a passato sotto in which sport would you be participating?


In baseball what is the difference between a slider and a curveball?

The main difference between a slider and curveball is the way that they move. Imagine your throwing a slider at a clock. It would go from 3 to 9. However, if you were to throw a curveball at a clock it would go from about 1:30 to 7:30.

When was Curveball - informant - born?

Curveball - informant - was born in 1968.

How fast is jennie finch's curveball?

Jennie Finch doesn't have a curveball !

Which pitch is faster curveball or knuckleball?

A curveball is faster. Average speed for curveball ~85 mph. Average speed knuckleball ~65 mph.

Who was the first pitcher to throw a curveball?

sandy kofaux was the first to perfect the curveball

In which sport would you perform a Randolph?

Randolphs and rudolphs are trampolining moves but I wouldn't recognise either if I saw them.

At what sporting event would you see a matador perform?

You would see a matador at a bullfight. However, bullfighting is not considered a sport but an art.

Is it possible to do a curveball?


How does Stephen Strasburg hold his curveball?

Kind of like a sinker but his fingers are a little bit higher on the seams. So his fingers are about in between a curveball and a sinker. And I am talking about the traditonal grip for a curveball.

What is a hanging curveball?

A hanging curveball is a curveball that is thrown in a way that makes it easier to hit. A good example of one is a slow curveball that is thrown down the middle. If you get one of these babies thrown to you while your at the plate, swing at it. It is an easy pitch to crush for a dinger or at least a double.

How fast can a pitcher throw a curve ball?

Most pither's Curveball's are thrown slower then there fastballs. Usually about 10 mph slower. so if a major league pitcher throws a 95 mph fastball the curveball would be about 85. However there are some pitchers whose curveball's go the same speed as their fastball.

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