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Q: In what sport are you not allowed to wear white?
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Which sport can't you wear white in?

You can't wear white in soccer because if you wear white then you will get grass stains if you fall.

In which sport can you not wear white?

tablke tennis

What sport's can you wear white?

Table tennis

What sport can you wear white?

Cricket, of course.

What sport do players not wear white?

table tennis

What sport can you not wear white?

Table tensse

What color do the Scots wear?

The Scottish national sport teams wear dark blue with white.

What shoes does baby spice wear?

White Platform Sport Shoes

What were the restrictions on Sparta citizens?

They weren't allowed to prey and they weren't allowed to wear darkish clothes, they all had to wear brilliant white robes!

What holiday were you not allowed to wear white shoes after?

Labour day but this is now old fashioned, you can wear white shoes whenvever you like!

In table tennis what is the only colour that players are not allowed to wear?


In what sport do the players wear all white?

Tennis at Wimbledon and Test cricket

Are Chinese brides allowed to wear white?

Yes. Usually, Chinese brides wear red to show sign of their loyalty to the "Communism" , but some do wear white, since white is close to yellow.

Why are people not allowed to wear white after Labor Day?

It's not that people can't wear white after Labor Day. It is just not consider stylish.

Are you allowed to wear white in table tennis?

I don't think it really matters what colour you wear in table tennis.

Are you allowed to wear white pants after Labor Day?

No, an unwritten rule of fashion says that white is not to be worn after Labor Day.

Why aren't you supposed to wear white after Labor Day?

You are allowed to wear white after labor day.A guy named David Cross made it up in the 1970's because he hated the color white.

What are baseball players allowed to wear?

as long as u can see the whole uniform, anything. on cold days if pitchers hit they usually are allowed to wear jackets. pitchers arent allowed to wear a whole lot on the field except there uniform and an undershirt. the undershirt is not allowed to be white as it is the same colour as the ball and can confuse the batter

What kind of jumpers do you wear for protection in Antarctica while you climb a iceberg?

Iceberg climbing is not allowed in Antarctica: it is too extreme a sport to be allowed. You'll wear several jumpers and a down coat over them in order to stay warm in Antarctica.

What rules did Jews have to follow during the Holocaust?

-Jewish had to wear yellow star -They weren't allowed to drive -No playing sport -They are only allowed to shop between 3 and 5 o'clock

Are women allowed to wear makeup whilst playing sport?

Yes.. I play basketball, and most of the girls on my team wear makeup during games and practices. There's no reason to not allow it.

What color of undershirt is pitcher not allowed to wear in little league baseball?

White. They say it may distract the hitter because the ball is also white.

What drugs are allowed to be used in the Olympics?

steroidsSteroids are not allowed in ANY SPORT!!!but you are allowed Viagra

What do the athletes in the modern Olympics wear?

sports wear

When was A White Sport Coat created?

A White Sport Coat was created in 1957.

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