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As good manager

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Q: In what capacity do you know your referee?
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What does an assistant referee need to know?

An assist referee should know all about football. He should know as much as the referee so that if the referee is blinded or very far away the assistanat referee could give decession after consulting with the referee.

What does a referee need to know in order to be able to referee a football game?

the rules

How many Catholic referee's are in the SPL?

every referee in scotland is catholic,dontcha know ?

What is the things that referee use?

The referee of a soccer match needs to know everything about the game and to be prepared for anything that could be thrown at them.

What is a referee when applying for a job?

A referee is someone who knows you in a professional capacity, a former teacher, a former employer or supervisor, someone that you've worked for in a volunteer capacity. The purpose of the referee is for a prospective employer to contact someone who knows your work experience, reliability, ability to adapt, etc. You should have selected these references before you go to interviews and you should contact the referee yourself to ensure that they will consent to being listed. You will need to provide a number or contact information.

Are there woman referee in football?

Yes, I know of one, but there could be more.

What is a reserve referee?

A referee that referee's a reserve game

How do you become a basketball referee in NC?

You need you try out and know all of the rules

What is the possessive for referee?

The possessive form of the noun referee is referee's.Example: The referee's decision was final.

Who person assist the referee?

The umpire assists the referee. If you need two people( like I do... :D ), I don't know the second person.

What is a referee's assistant?

the judges assist the referee.

What referee wares the white hat?

The Referee.