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they played in the 2000 Super Bowl game

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Q: In what bowl game did mcnair's team play?
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In the NFL what is a pro bowl?

the pro bowl is a game in which the best players from each team are elected to play in an all-star game

How much on average does a football team receive to play in a bowl game?


Can any college football team go to any bowl game?

No, teams do not apply to bowl games to play. Teams that play in BCS bowl games are based on their national ranking. The BCS bowls specify which ranking will play another ranking. Other bowl games have contracts with certain conferences which will specify that a member of that conference will play in the bowl game. Some examples are: 1) Outback Bowl - contracts with the Big 10 and SEC. A Big 10 team will play an SEC team. 2) Papa Johns Bowl - contracts with the Big East and SEC. An SEC team will play a Big East team. 3) Insight Bowl - contracts with the Big 10 and Big 12. The 6th place team in the Big 10 will play the 6th place team in the Big 12. 4) Music City Bowl - contracts with the SEC and ACC. An ACC team will play an SEC team.

Who did the Miami Dolphins play when they won the Sugar Bowl?

The Sugar Bowl is a college game and the Miami Dolphins are an NFL team.

Why is TCU playing in the Rose Bowl?

For the 2010 season, if either the Big 10 champion or PAC 10 champion is playing in the BCS National Championship Game and a non-BCS team qualifies for a BCS bowl, that team will play in the Rose Bowl. The University of Oregon won the PAC 10 and would normally play in the Rose Bowl. But since they are playing in the National Championship Game, obviously, they can't play in the Rose Bowl. So TCU, a non-BCS team that qualified for a BCS bowl, was slotted to play in the Rose Bowl.

Is it possible for a team to have home field in super bowl?

Technically one team is designated the home team for the game, but I think you mean if a team can play in its own stadium for the Super Bowl. The answer is yes, the team from the host city must make it through the playoffs to the Super Bowl.

Who is the only team to win a super bowl then a NBA chamionship game the same year?

Impossible. NBA teams do not play in the Super Bowl.

What happens if the football team of the host city of the Super Bowl makes it to the Super Bowl?

Since the game is awarded to a city four years in advance, there is no way of knowing how good that city's team will be. They will play the game as scheduled.

What team did Notre Dame play in 1973 bowl game?

in the sugar bowl the player alabama the final score was 24-23 notre dame

If a team dies on its way to the Super Bowl who wins the Super Bowl?

The team that makes it to the game.

Can an AFC team play an AFC team in the Super Bowl?

no the super bowl must be an AFC team against an NFC team

What is the name of Stanford's football team?

Cardinal Stanford's football team ran over a trombonist and made a famous play in 1982 Bowl Game.

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