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isn't it called screening?

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Q: In volleyball what is the illegal move by the serving team where they conceal the serve from the opponent?
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What does receive mean in volleyball?

Receiving in volleyball means that the opponent is severing and you are going to receive the ball.

When did hiding the ball in table tennis become illegal?

2003. You cannot hide the ball from your opponent whilst serving.

Whose score is always mentioned first in volleyball?

When calling the score before serving, the server calls out his/her teams score followed by the score of the opposing team

What is the jump serving in volleyball?


How can a player foul whilst serving in volleyball?

If your foot is on the serving line

What does a play begin with in volleyball?

The rally begins with a serving from the serving team.

What is serving in volleyball?

Putting the ball into play.

What are 2 ways of hitting a volleyball?

You can hit i volleyball by bumping it, serving it, spiking it, jump serving, roll shot, roll serve, and jump roll

What is the act of serving in volleyball?

Toss, Step, Hit.

What is the serving position in volleyball?

the same that serves in tennis

What are volleyball clinics?

volleyball clinics are like practices and they review everything serving, passing, hitting, blockingg

Can you use feet in volleyball?

You may use any part of your body in volleyball, except when your serving. And remember: NO CARRYING!