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Bobby Hamilton

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Q: In the movie Days of Thunder which professional driver drove a camera car?
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Who drove the mustang in the chase scene in bullet?

that would be the actor Steve McQueen..who is also a professional Motor Racing Car driver and Racing Team Owner.

Which Nascar driver drove the McDonald's car in 1993?

Hut Strickland drove the McDonald's car in 1993.

Is a paper driver a fast driver?

in Japanese the word "ペーパードライバー"(paper-driver) means a man who have the driver's license but never drove on the road.

What is a person who drove a stagecoach called?

Stagecoach driver

Who drove the Home Depot car before Tony Stewart did?

There was no other driver. Tony Stewart was the only driver of the Home Depot car. Tony drove the car from 1999-2008. Starting in 2009, Joey Logano is the driver of the Home Depot car.

How do you use route in a sentence?

The route the driver took was more efficient, than the other driver. In the sentence, route refers the path the driver drove on.

Which Nascar driver drove the McDonald's car in 1994?

Jimmy Spencer drove the McDonald's car in 1994.

How much money do you pay a taxi driver that drove you 1 miles?


Who is Jack Willman Jr?

Jack Willman, Jr., is a retired professional monster truck driver. He drove the "Taurus" monster truck along with his father, Jack Willman, Sr., and cousin Eldon Depew until 1998.

The driver of the van for the Terry Fox Marathon?

Doug Alward drove the van in the marathon

1880's census occupation what did a hack driver do?

Drove a for hire horse carriage

Who drove the Hogwarts Express?

The train driver. He was never named or seen, only mentioned.

What word is the subject what sentence the truck drove to Edwards garage?

The truck drove to Edward's garage. This sentence is strange, since it implies that the truck drove itself to Edward's garage without any assistance, such as a driver. Nevertheless, "truck" is the subject of the sentence, and "drove" is the verb.

Who drove the general lee car?

Beauregard "Bo" Duke (John Schneider) primarily drove the car as he was an ex stock car test driver.

What did a 'carter' do in 1910 England?

He drove a horse and cart. The modern equivalent would be truck driver.

Who was the driver of the getaway car-bonnie and Clyde?

what was the actors name in the scene where they robbed the bank, who drove the car

What is a sentence for the word found?

The officer found the driver's glove on the roadway after the drive drove away from the stop.

How much would it cost for a Jeep Cherokee to travel 875 miles?

Depends how the driver drove the car.

Was there ever a female formula 1 driver?

Yes , the Italian lady Lella Lombardi drove a March car.

Does Jason dolley have a driver lincense?

Yes b/c he drove in Hatching Pete and he is 19 years old

Your car was hit outside your house and the driver drove away?

Are you asking a question or just making a statement? "If your car was hit outside your house and the driver drove away, are you covered by insurance?" This would most likely be covered by your comprehensive insurance and you will likely have to pay a 500.00 deductable.

What if you do not have car insurance and somebody hits you from the side when he drove out of a parking lot?

You go through the at fault driver's insurance carrier.

What a driver did in World War 2?

Drivers in world war 2 drove an ambulance to help those who were injured or wounded.

What is the Name of an old testament chariot driver?

Jehu, he drove his chariot very fast from where we get the term driving like a jehu

Who drove John Kennedy when he got shot?

The driver of the presidential limousine was a Secret Service agent named William Greer.

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