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Q: In the game of golf a ball is usually sunk with a p?
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What happens when you sink the object ball and the cue ball?

The person who sunk the cue ball and the eight ball off the break loses.

Do you get 2 shots on the black in pool?

only if the white ball is sunk

What does the term behind the 8 ball mean?

In the game of pool, the 8-ball is the last ball a player must sink in order to win the game. However, until he or she has sunk all the rest of the balls (i.e. 1 through 7 or 9 through 15), touching the 8-ball with the cue ball is considered a foul stroke. Therefore, one is said to be "behind the 8-ball," it means to be stuck in a position where any move will have a negative result -- to be trapped with no way forward.

If you sink the white ball while hitting your last regular ball on the table do you loose ie just sunk your last non-black ball and the white ball follwos this ball into the pocket?

No, you only loose if you scratch after making the eight ball.

If a ball stopped on the edge of a pocket falls in the pocket after another shot is played what is the status of that ball?

If the ball went in the pocket during the second shot, then it was sunk on that shot just as if it had been hit down by another ball.

What year was the first hole in one in golf?

The first recorded hole-in-one was sunk by Tom Morris, Jr. on September 14, 1868. Morris's famous shot came at Prestwick Golf Club's eighth hole during the British Open. The Open is golf's oldest tournament.

What is a magnetic ball pocket?

A magnetic ball pocket is used on many pool tables, especially ones that charge per play. It will ensure that the balls are collected after they are sunk.

How many points in snooker do you get for potting the white?

None. Sinking the white (cue) ball, as with every billiards game, is a foul. The opposing player/team is awarded 4 points (assuming this is the only foul on that shot), the player/team who sunk the white ends their turn, and the opponent has the ball in hand within the D.

Are you required to make contact with the 8 ball after all your balls are sunk?

Under normal rules, you must contact the 8 ball in a legal shot as the first ball hit and any bal must contact a rail or the 8 ball must go in a pocket.

What does the diameter of a golf hole measure in inches?

4.25 inches is the current size of a golf hole

Who sunk the winning basket in the nc state win in 1983?

Lorenzo Charles dunked off a high air ball from 30 ft out from Dereck Whittenburg, winning the game 54-42 for NC state. It was one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history.

What ship was sunk by a cow dropping from a plane p.s. It was a question in a Trivia game?

the answer is oasis of thr seas.