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Rudi Hashash Came in 9th Place in the Olympics 2008!!! that is a great

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Q: In the Olympics what did rudi hashash come in the Olympics?
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How come there are no women results for the 1990 Olympics?

there were no Olympics in 1990

When did the winter Olympics come to British Columbia?


When and where was baseball player Joe Rudi born?

Joe Rudi was born September 7, 1946, in Modesto, CA, USA.

Why do Greece come out first?

the reason why Greece always comes out first at the Olympics is because they are the ones who hosted and started the Olympics centuries ago.

What date did the Olympics first come to London?

The first Olympics took place in 776 BCE located in Olympia.

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When was Fahad Al Hashash born?

Fahad Al Hashash was born on 1990-08-18.

When was Sami Al-Hashash born?

Sami Al-Hashash was born on 1959-09-15.

What is the name of the lebanese athletes in 2008 olympic games?

Nibal Yamout, for women's swimming; Wael Kobrosli, for men's swimming; Rudi Hashash, for men's judo; Gretta Teslakian, for women's track and feild; Mohamad Siraj Tamim, for men's track and feild; and Ziad Richa, for men's shooting.

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How come there are no women results for the 1990 Olympics?

there were no Olympics in 1990

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