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1 point or 2 pionts

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"1" is the only "impossible" score in the NFL. Any other point total from 2 (safety) and up is possible.

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Q: In the NFL what score is impossible for one team to get?
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According to NFL rules can a team win a game by the score of one to nothing?

There is no way for a team to win 1-0. In the NFL, if a team forfeits, the opponent is declared the winner by a score of 2-0.

Highest score by one nfl team?

Chicago Bears 73 points

What is the highest score in the NFL?

Highest score by one team is 73, set by the Chicago Bears Dec, 8 1940.

Could an NFL team win a game one to nothing?

No, the lowest score possible would be 2-0

What is the biggest score of NFL match?

The highest score for one team in an NFL game was in the 1940 NFL Championship game, the Chicago Bears beat the Washington Redskins 73-0. The highted total score was 113 Washington (72) vs. N.Y. Giants (41), Nov. 27, 1966.

What is the average score for one team in an NFL game?

For the 2007 NFL season, that was 21.7 points per game. For the 2006 NFL season, 20.7 points per game and for the 2005 NFL season, 20.6 points per game.

When a football team scores a safety why does the other team kick off to them?

NFL teams change possession following each score, as I'm sure you know. After "Team A" scores a touchdown or field goal, they kick the ball to "Team B."One unique aspect of a safety is that it's the only way to score in the NFL while NOT in possession of the ball.So if Team A forces Team B into their own end zone for a safety, Team A gets two points...and the ball still changes possession following a score.

What is the highest score by one team in an NFL game?

In the NFL game Philidelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins on November 16th,2010 the game ended with Philidelphia scoring 84 points.

Where can a person purchase NFL team patches online?

One can purchase NFL team patches online from several different retailers. Some of the places that one can purchase NFL team patches online are: NFL, Amazon, and eBay.

How many NFL and NBA teams are there in Michigan?

There is one NFL team, the Detroit Lions, and one NBA team, the Detroit Pistons, in Michigan.

What NFL quarterback has beaten all but one team in the NFL?

Brett Farve

How many NFL teams are in Minnesota?

There is one NFL team in Minnesota, the Vikings.

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