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Q: In the NBA playoffs if a flagrant foul is assessed after the game is over does the other team still get to shoot a foul shot at the start of the next game?
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What is maximum technical fouls a coach may receive in a game?

1-2. Wether its a flagrant 1 or 2. if it's a flagrant 2 you will be ejected. If you get a flagrant 1 you will not be ejected but the opposing team will shoot free shows. It always depends on the severity of the foul.

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There are two types ... technical and personal. There are flagrant fouls, which are fouls intended to hurt another player. Shooting fouls are physical contact during a shot attempt. Technical fouls are arguments or complaints with the referee. Intentional fouls are fouls that are done to make someone shoot free throws instead of holding the ball, mostly done at the end of close-scored ball games.

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