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Yes, of course - long range buzzer beaters have gone from way behind the half-court line multiple times in the history of the great game :)

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Q: In the NBA has a shot ever gone in from half court?
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Lebron james' farthest shot ever made?

half court

When do you use a smash shot in badminton?

half court

How do you shoot a half court shot?

you have to be patient and build your strength up so you can get the shot in and you have to practice before you ever do it in a game. You only do a half court shot when it is appropriate like if your 2 points down and there is 2 seconds to go or if your get thrashed by the other team and you want to have some fun and just shoot it at the buzzer

Who was the first to make a half court shot in basketball?

derry west

When would a basketball player attempt a half court shot?

A basketball player typically attempts a half court shot towards the end of a quarter, when a player only has a few moments to either take or shot or let the clock run down to the end. Often a player cannot travel more than half the distance up the court, so must take a shot from half court because the clock is running down, and play will stop.

Are half court shots in soccer or basketball?

Half courts shots are in basketball. Playing area in soccer is called a field. In basketball a half court shot is a shot taken from the middle line, or the line where the jump ball is thrown up. Although very uncommon, a half court shot is worth three points and can be a very useful way to get your team ahead. Hope this helps.

How many points is a shot from half court in basketball?

5 point people

Who was the first person to make a half court shot in basketball?

Clifton McNeely

How many points is a full-court shot in basketball?

sadly three points but it should be at least 5 to 6 points, and for half court it should be four

What are the names of the different types of shots in basketball?

3 point shot free throw jump shot lay-up ally-oop dunk base line shot half court shot hook shot 2 point shot set shot

Has anyone ever hit a half court shot to win a game?

Yes!! It is very rare in elementary, middle, high school. But College have 30% chance to make it. NBA will likely have 50/50 chance to make it.

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