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Track cycling

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Q: In the Beijing games 2008 which event takes place in the velodrome?
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What event takes place in a velodrome?

Cycling is what takes place in the Velodrome, from the keiren event to team cycling events. The Velodrome is the home of cycling.

Where is the olympic track cycling take place?

For the 2008 Games in Beijing, the USOC had three official track training centers: 1) ADT Event Center Velodrome in Carson, CA 2) Lehigh Valley Velodrome in Trexlertown, PA 3) 7-Eleven Velodrome in Colorado Springs, CO A BMX training facility was opened in January, 2008 at the US Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA.

Whatever happened to the decathlon?

It is still an important event at the Olympic Games. The decathlon at the 2008 Games in Beijing will take place on August 21 and 22 at the Beijing Olympic Stadium.

Was Beijing the right place to hold the olympic games?


Where in China will the 2008 olympic games take place?


Where did the Olympics games take place this year?

In Beijing China

What sport take place in veldrome?

The sport that takes place at a velodrome is cycling.

What olympic and paralympic sport takes place in a velodrome?


What is the place where cycle races take place is called?

Cycle races take place inside a stadium called a 'velodrome'.

Why is Beijing a good place to have the olympic games?

it is god becase it is nice plwace

Where do most olympic games take place?

Olympic games can take place anywhere in the world. Past Olympic games have been in Atlanta, GA, Russia, Beijing, and Greece.

Where is a Nintendo event?

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