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At the moment Andy Murray.

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Q: In tennis who is world number 4 in mens tennis?
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What is the number of tennis players?

The top number of tennis players in a game is 4.

Who is the number 4 woman tennis player in the world?

Ana Ivanovic of Belgrade, Serbia.

What is the mens 4 by 400m world record?

2:54.20 by USA in 1998

Who is world number 4 in tennis?

Andy Murray is 4th in the men's ATP world rankings currently. Caroline Wozniacki is 4th in the women's WTA world ranking currently.

What is the Number of teams in mens ncaa basketball tourney?

68, with 4 play-in games

Give at least 50 examples of individual or dual sports?

Some examples of individual or dual sports include: 1.Womens Basketball 2.Mens Basketball 3.Womens indoor volleyball 4.Womens Beach Volleyball 5.Men's indoor Volleyball 6.Men's Beach Volleyball 7.Womens Track and Field 8.Mens track and Field 9.Womens Grass Tennis 10.Womens Tennis - Clay 11.Womens Tennis - Indoor 12.Womens Tennis - Outdoor 13. Mens tennis -Grass 14.Mens tennis- Clay 15. Mens tennis - indoor 16.Mens tennis - outdoor 17. Mens Racquetball 18.Womens racquetballall 19. Women's Lacross 20. Mens Lacross 21. Powder puff Football 22. Mens American football 23. Women's soccer 24.Mens soccer 25. Rugby 26.Cricket 27. Barrel Racing 28. Team Calf Roping 29. Mens Baseball 30.Womens softball 31.Mens swimming 32.Womens swimming 33.Womens Diving 34.Mens Diving 35.White Water Rafting 36. BMX racing 37. Dirt bike racing 38. Power lifting 39.Ping pong 40.Cross Country 41.Snow boarding 42.Sking 43.Water Skiing 44. Ice skating 45. Ice Racing 46.Ice Hockey 47.Ballet 48. Gymnastics 49.Boxing 50.Car Racing

What sport world wide 4 letters starts with T?

Track and Field Tennis Table Tennis, and Taekwondo

What time is the US Open tennis mens single final 2011?

4:00 EST It's still on & it's 8:02 EST 4th set right now

Number of tennis points in a game?

There are 4 points in a game 15, 30, 40,game

How often is the mens rugby world cup played?

Every 4 years. The next one is in a few months.

What is the total number of NCAA national titles for Penn State?

they have a total of 32 18 in mens 4 in womens 10 in coed

Who won the mens us tennis open in 2009?

2009 US Open Men's Final, Juan Martin Del Potro won against Federer in 5 sets, after 4 hours - YouTube.

What is a famous person that's name begins with the letter g?

Greg Rusedki,tennis player, Greastest ranking: Number 4 in the world More Info:

Who is the number 1 female tennis player in the world?

At the moment it is Serena Williams but it might have changed because today it is Monday 3rd June 4:18 pm so it might have changed!

If all top 4 seeds in tennis make the semi final what number seed plays against the other Is it all ways number 1 against number 3 and number 2 against 4?

1 plays 3 and 2 plays 4

What is Steffi Graff most well known for?

Steffi Graff is most well known for her accomplishments in the sport of tennis. She has won number 1 titles on all 4 of the major surface types used in tennis and at one point was ranked as the worlds number 1 womens tennis player.

What is probability that she will pick a tennis of 4 that she has?

if they are all tennis balls, then 100% percent

What are the release dates for Hot Package - 2012 Mens 1-4?

Hot Package - 2012 Mens 1-4 was released on: USA: 3 October 2013

When does the mens rugby world cup take place?

Every 4 years, the next one will take place in 2011 and then 2015 ect......

What is the 4 main types of Mens rea?

Different types of mens rea … • (1) Specific/Direct intent • (2) Oblique intent • (3) Recklessness • (4) Negligence

If i wear a boys size 6 in shoes what size am i in mens shoes?

A boys Youth 6 converts to a Mens 6.

How many players in a lawn tennis doubles?

there are 4 players in lawn tennis doubles.

What is the minimum age limit for professional tennis player?

The minimum age limit for a professional tennis player is 14 and they are limited to a maximum number of 4 games per yr until they reach 16

How many grand slams are there in tennis?


Is there a sport with 4 syllables?

table tennis