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As long as the player isn't touching the ball when he lands in the crease, it is normal play.

It is a free throw for the opposition if the player is touching the ball when he lands in the crease

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Q: In team handball What is it called when a player with the ball takes 2 steps jumps throws the ball and lands inside of the crease?
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Can you go in the goalies crease in soccer?

no you can not go in the crease on the goalie side what kind of dumb question is that Yes, any player of either team CAN step into the crease. You can score and pass from inside the crease as well. However, you cannot walk into the crease while you have the ball (meaning you can pass the ball to someone who's inside the crease, and you can walk into the crease while you do not have the ball). The guy who called this a 'dumb question' must be pretty dumb himself.

What is the circle around the goal in lacross called?

This is called the crease, only the goalie is allowed inside. Or a player Can jump in but he can't touch the ground before he scores

Can a player in ice hockey skate into the crease if the puck is not in the crease?


Why does the winning handball player need to develop both concentration and control handball?


In hockey is the goalie in the shootout allowed to trip the player?

A goalie can easily be called for tripping, but they can get away easier with it than a player. If the player is tripped inside teh crease it can be deemed legal, or if it was a pokecheck and the player tripped or something like that it can be deemed okay, but if the goalie runs up sticks out his leg it could be called tripping. It can also be considered okay if the two players collide.

Can a player in ice hockey skate into the crease if the puck is in the crease?

Yes, but still cannot interfere with the goalie.

Can nhl goalies body check other players in hockey?

Yes, but only if the other player is inside his crease (the blue semi-circle in front of the net)

Who is Achim Cordes?

a handball player

If the puck goes underneath a defensive player while in the crease and then the player uses his hand to knock the puck out of the crease not gripping the puck. Is it a penatly shot?

Obviously, that would be up to the discretion of the referee but from attempting to literally intrepret the question, I would say no. According to National Hockey League rules, there seem to be two instances related to the situation mentioned in the question where penalty shots are awarded when the puck is in the crease: 1) A player falls on the puck in the goal crease 2) A player picks up the puck in the goal crease with his hand. SInce it sounds like the player was already on the ice and did nothing to attempt to cover the puck in the crease, and the player did not pick up or grip the puck while in the crease, I would interpret the rules to mean that a penalty shot would not be awarded. I would be interested in knowing the opinions of others on this situation.

Who is the mens best handball player?

the best player is nokilai karabitich

Who is the tallest handball player?

Thaddaeus Jones

Who is the highest paid handball player in the world?

Paul Brady, Cavan, Co. Cavan, Ireland, is the highest paid handball player. Other notable handball earners; Sean Lenning, Tony Healy, Emmett Peixoto, Luis Moreno, and David Chapman.

How do you get a penalty for crease violation playing hockey?

If you are the offensive player, and any part of your body is in the crease when the puck isn't, then the ref blows the whistle and the faceoff is outside attacking zone in the neutral zone.The player in the crease does not get a minor penalty.

Who is the best handball player in the world?

ivano balic

Who is the world famous handball player of the world?


Who is the tallest handball player ever?

Markuesen from Danemark

Was John the Baptist a good handball player?

A:The game of handball had not been invented at the time of John the Baptist. We can therefore be certain that John never played handball.

What is the goalie crease and how big is it in lacrosse?

The goalie crease is the circle around the goal that I believe has a diameter of 9 feet for men and 8.5 feet for women. In men's lacrosse a goalie and the defenders of that same team can go in the crease and in women's only the goalie is allowed inside the crease. In women's if a defender steps into the crease then the game is stopped and a girl from the other team is given an 8 meter arch penalty shot, if someone on the offense of the other team steps into the goal the ball is given to the goalie and everyone must be a certain distance away to allow the goalie to clear the ball. Also with women's if an offensive player that is shooting the ball steps into the crease then the goal is not counted and the ball is given to the goalie.

How fast can a professional handball player throw a ball?


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In cricket delivered ball hits the stumps?

In cricket there are currently 11 ways to get "out". The most recognizable is when the ball strikes the stumps and the bails are dislodged from the stumps. The ball can hit the stumps but if the bails are not dislodged then the player is not out. the hit can be delivered directly by the bowler, called bowled out or an out feilder can throw the ball and hit the stumps before the players bat is in contact with the ground inside the crease. If i nthe act of attempting a run it is called run out. If the batsman is merely outside the crease in the act of attempting a shot for example it is called being stumped. If the batsman makes contact with the ball and it strikes his stumps he has played on. If the facing batsman strikes the ball and it strikes the non facing batsmans stumps and he is outside the crease the non facing batsman is not out unless the ball strikes another player before striking the stumps.

What are the differances between a red card and a yellow card in team handball?

According to the rules of the International Handball Federation, A yellow card is a warning. You can only get one yellow card per player and 3 yellow cards per team. A red card is for disqualification. If a player receives a red card, they are suspended for the rest of the match. The team will continue in numerical inferiority for 2 minutes. The International Handball Federation has a helpful guide called "Handball Rules for Beginners." You can also find more information on their website (I wish I could add the link for you

Can you name some Indian handball player?

mini M R

What is the salary of Handball player?

Best playera are under 500 000€/year.

Who is the best and famous player of handball in the world?

Kiril Lazarov from Republic of Macedonia