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In that case, the point is rewarded to the person that hit the ball.

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Q: In table tennis if the ball hits the edge and bounses of at an angle is the point awarded?
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What happens if the ball travels off the back of the court?

If the ball travels off the back of the court in tennis, the point is awarded to the opponent.

In tennis if you swing and miss at a ball but it lands out do the opponents get the point?

Yes, in tennis if you swing and miss at a ball but it lands out, your opponent gets the point. The point is awarded based on where the ball lands, not on whether you made contact with it or not.

What should a tennis player do who is uncertain whether or not a ball is good?

When in doubt, player calls it in. In doubles, if the two teammates disagree, the point is awarded to the other side.

In tennis the server serves and the receiver hits it out is it the receiver or server's point?

If the receiver had hit the ball but then they had hit it out, it would be the servers point. Because they did not hit it out. [I'm currently taking a tennis class and basically asked the same question].

What if one doubles tennis serves and realizes that their partner should have served the ball?

If this happens then the team being served to is awarded one point. You would then continue playing with the correct server.

How can a user tell who has awarded them a Trust Point?

Currently there is no way to tell who has awarded you a Trust Point.

Is a point an angle?

It takes 3 points to determine an angle.No. A point is a point; an angle is an angle.

What is the point of an angle?

The point of an angle is its vertex

If you served the ball in tennis and it hit the net and landed in my court is it a fault?

in badminton during the service if shuttle touches the net but it reach oponent player successfully is it fault

What is the angle at a point?

the angle at a point is 0 deg.

What is the mid point of an angle?

An angle does not have a mid point.

Is bang a point in table tennis?

point is a point but point is a point