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nothing happens

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What is the definition declared false start mean in swimming?

A false start is when a swimmer enters the water either intentionally or accidentally in a swimming race before the starting signal is given. This may mean the swimmer feel off the block before the start, or the swimmer left the block, even by a faction of a second to fast. A 'declared false start' is when the false start is official, and the swimming as been officially disqualified from the race. This means they will be ineligible to receive a placing or time for the race.

What is DFS in swimming?

Declared False Start

What does dfs mean in swimming?

Declared False Start

Is it easier to float in swimming pools because of chlorine?


True or false scientific laws explain why something happens?


What happens once you have died in juidism?

You are buried to stand before Almighy God to answer about your good or bad deeds and true or false beliefs.

What are some False Facts about the Ocean?

that when you swim in the water you are actually swimming in fish pee

What are facts about Olympic swimming?

if you move once on the block after whistle is blown you can be disqualifed for false start.

What is a false start rope in swimming?

It is a rope 15m from the starting blocks that stops swimmers that didn't hear the false start sound in a false start situation. It is no less than 1.2m above the water.

What is the main rule of swimming?

There are A LOT of rules in swimming. Some important ones are to not walk on the bottom, and to swim the correct stroke. You also can not false start or interfere with others.

What happens if you file a false grant form?

you get arrested -_-

What happens with a false positive?

It becomes true negative.

True or false six states has approved the constitution before it was effective?


What happens to you if you file false allegations against the father of your child?

You could be prosecuted for 'False Reports' or 'Perjury.'

How do you get disqualified in a swimming race doing the breast stroke?

There are many ways to get Disqualified, after all, swimming is a difficult sport! Here are some ways:False start (diving in before the starter starts the race), False stroke (not doing the proper kick, not moving arms in the correct motion), False Turn (not doing the two hand touch turn), Grabbing the lane rope during your race, and Pushing off the bottom of the pool.

True or False 7-Eleven's Slurpee's debuted before the ICEE?


B false An injury from a motor vehicle crash happens in the US every 15 seconds?

B false

What happens when Reverend Hale states that Abigail has always seems false to him?

he realizes that the whole thing could be false.

How do you make a drug test read false positive?

I don't know that you can make it read a false positive, but sometimes it just happens to read as a false positive.

What True or false meiosis is when mitosis happens twice?


Reebok previously made the Arsenal kit before Nike true or false? was Adidas

True or false dietary supplements do not need to be approved by the FDA before they are marketed to the public?


True or false Domestication of plants lasted only during the stone age?

false, it happens all the time

How many false starts are you allowed in an running event before you are disqualified?

One false starts are allowed on the second false start you are disqualified.

What is the result of True AND False OR True?

True AND False OR True evaluates to True. IT seems like it does not matter which is evaluated first as: (True AND False) OR True = False OR True = True True AND (False OR True) = True AND True = True But, it does matter as with False AND False OR True: (False AND False) OR True = False OR True = True False AND (False OR True) = False AND True = False and True OR False AND False: (True OR False) AND False = True AND False = False True OR (False AND False) = True OR False = True Evaluated left to right gives a different answer if the operators are reversed (as can be seen above), so AND and OR need an order of evaluation. AND can be replaced by multiply, OR by add, and BODMAS says multiply is evaluated before add; thus AND should be evaluated before OR - the C programming language follows this convention. This makes the original question: True AND False OR True = (True AND False) OR True = False OR True = True