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Errors are only charged when a ball is in fair play.

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Q: In softball if an easy foul ball is dropped does the fielder get an error?
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Is it an error if the runner and fielder get tangled up and the foul fly ball is dropped by fielder?

No. The runner would be called for interference if, for some reason, he ran into the fielder.

When is a foul ball an out?

Only when caught by a fielder, excluding softball.

Where is the infraction regarding overthrown ball?

If it is the fielder that overthrows the ball it is an error on the fielder. If the pitcher overthrows the ball while pitching it is a wild pitch.

What is a ground out in softball?

A ground out is when the hitter hits a ground ball to a fielder and they throw her out at first base.

Can a fielder be given an error for communication mistake on fly ball?

yes the error would go to the person closest to the ball, if any error would be "awarded"

Is it an out if the defensive player catches the ball then drops his glove but the ball remains in the glove?

No, the glove is considered an extension of the fielder's hand so if the glove comes off the fielder is deemed to have dropped the ball.

Ways to get to first base without hitting the ball?

Without actually hitting the ball: 1. Walk 2. Intentional walk 3. Balk 4. Third strike, dropped ball 5. Hit by pitch 6. Pinch-runner 7. Base runner on first base at time game is delayed is traded before play resumes; baserunner is subbed in when game resumes 8. Failure to pitch within 20 seconds 9. Four illegal pitches 10. Fielder obstruction* 11. Error* Hitting the ball, but not having it scored as a hit: 1. Catcher interference 2. Fielder interference 3. Fan interference 4. Fan obstruction 5. Fielder obstruction* 6. Fielder's choice 7. Baserunner called out on appeal 8. Error* 9. Fair ball hits ump 10. Fair ball hits baserunner Hitting the ball; scored as a hit: 1. Single 2. Dropped sacrifice fly (different than error--dropped sac fly is intentional) 3. Sacrifice bunt fails to advance baserunner 4. Preceding baserunner put out *Batter can reach first base after dropped 3rd strike on error (catcher overthrows first base) or if obstructed by a fielder (pitcher gets in the way of the baserunner). Batter can also reach first base after hitting the ball if fielder commits error (fielder overthrows first base) or if obstructed by a fielder (pitcher gets in the way of the baserunner).

What is it called when a fielder misses a ground ball?

If it was a ball that he should have been able to make a play on, then it is called an error.

Is it always an error when the fielder touches the ball with his glove?

no when you are diving and that stuff is a hit if they drop it

A softball is dropped off of the side of a building As the ball continues to fall freely the kinetic energy of the ball?


Has there ever been a perfect games with an error from a dropped foul ball?


How many player are there in a softball team?

There are nine players out on the field at one time. Although the pitcher and catcher have the ball the most each person has a specific job. In the infield there is the pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, and third base. In the outfield there is left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder. In slow pitch softball there is an extra fielder, who is specified as a rover. Normally, the defensive team will play with four outfielders, meaning there is a left fielder, left-center fielder, right-center fielder, and right fielder.

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