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For right handed people they do catch with their left and throw with their right. For left handed people, they catch with their right and throw with their left. Both players have to potential to bat from either side of the plate.

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Q: In softball do you catch with your left and throw with your right?
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In softball which hand do players catch with?

It depends if they are right or left handed. If they are right handed, they catch with there left. If they are left handed, they catch with there right.

What does left throw mean when buying a softball glove?

It means you throw with the left hand, so you need a glove to fit the right hand.

What leg steps when you are pitching fastpitch softball?

It depends wheather you are a rightie or a leftie. If you throw with your right hand, you should have your left foot forward when you release the ball. So take either one step with your left foot, or two steps right, left. (that's what I do.) If you throw with your left, do the opposite

Does a left handed glove go on your left hand or does that mean if you are left handed get this glove?

If you are left handed, you throw the baseball with your left hand, so in this case the left handed glove goes on a left handed persons right hand so they catch with glove on right hand and then pull the ball out of mitt and throw with left hand. - It means if you are left handed get this glove but you will wear it on your right hand.

Does josh hamilton throw right or left handed?


Can a girl play fastpitch softball with a cast on?

well it depends on what hand she is like in left and right and what hand she broke she really could not bat though or throw if she wore a glove

Does Jackie Robinson throw with his right or left?

his right hand

What are the four outfield positions called in softball?

Left field, left center (field), right center and right field.

How do you catch a kangaskhan?

all you have to do is go to the safari zone and throw a safari ball. then you keep on pressing from left to right while she is in the ballP.S I have 23 kangaskhans

What are the outfield positions of Softball?

Right Fielder Left Fielder Center fielder

What is the ideal position in catching a fly ball in softball?

In softball the ideal position would be running from behind the point where the ball is going to land to get momentum to throw the ball. Your glove should be about chest high and off to your right hand side if you are a righty (off to you left if you are lefty). Your throwing hand should be near you glove so that you an catch the ball with two hands, quickly retrieve the ball from your glove, and throw to the necessary base to try to get another out.

Does Will Smith throw right or left?

MLB player Will Smith throws left.

Does Will Venable throw right or left?

MLB player Will Venable throws left.

Does Jackie Robinson throw and hit with his right hand or left hand?


Does Will Harris throw right or left?

MLB player Will Harris throws right.

Does Will Middlebrooks throw right or left?

MLB player Will Middlebrooks throws right.

If you bat right handed in softball are you cool?

Just as cool as if you bat left handed.

If you bat left handed in softball are you cool?

I don't know about cool, but you are in your right mind.

What leg moves backward when the pitcher throws the ball in girls softball?

It depends on if there right or left handed. if they are right handed than the right leg if they are left handed than the left leg

Is there a difference between a baseball screwball and a softball screwball?

They are the same. A screwball will break to the right from a right handed pitcher and to the left from left handed pitcher.

Does Aaron Rodgers throw left handed?

No, he is right handed.

How many outfielders are allowed in a softball game at a time?

If you are refering to fastpich softball, there are three outfielders; the left fielder, right fielder and center fielder.

Does Aaron Loup throw right or left?

MLB player Aaron Loup throws left.

Does Aaron Poreda throw right or left?

MLB player Aaron Poreda throws left.

Does Adam Eaton throw right or left?

MLB player Adam Eaton throws left.