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8-Front Row


10-Front Row

11.Second Row

12-Second Row


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very few national teams still use the number system. teams such as England, Brazil, Italy and Holland still use the number system for their respective starting lineups the starting lineup shall be #'s 1-11. Players are given some choice to what number they want but are given a range to choose from. #1 Gk #2-#6:usually the 4 defenders and the defensive midfielder will choose from these #7-#11:a lot of times these numbers are optional to the players position. #'s 9,10,11 are the usual forward numbers with consideration to #7 (bebeto: '94 world cup Brazil). #'s 7,8,10 would be the going to the midfielders. #7 & #8 outside midfielders and #10 the attacking midfielder. #10 is sometimes given to the teams best player or creative play maker.

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Q: In soccer what number plays what position?
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What is a position that plays mostly defense in soccer?

A Position in soccer that is both offensive and defensive is the position central mifield

What soccer position does David Trezeguet play?

David Trezeguet plays in the position of: Striker.

What position does Luis Nani play in soccer?

Luis Nani plays as a winger.

What is Alex Morgan's position?

Alex Morgans soccer number for the USA Woman's Soccer Team is 13.

What number of people play in each position in soccer?

there are 11 positions in soccer. the maximum number of players on a team is 18.

Who is a soccer defender with number 7?

partly ronaldo he plays a mid position which is split between attacking the net and getting back and stopping the opposing team from scoring he plays for real madrid a club out of spain

Does Sammi play a sport from Jersey Shore?

Yes, Sammi plays soccer. Her position is midfielder.

Who plays soccer on benfica and number 11?

Oscar Cardozo.

What is favorites sport Emily osment?

Emily Osment's favorite sport is Soccer, she always plays it during her freetime, and her favorite number is 8, because that was her soccer number.

Does a basketball player number signify their position?

There is no connection between a basketball player's number and the position he or she plays.

What is am-r soccer position?

Attacking Midfielder-Right. An Attacking Midfielder usually plays between the Midfielders and Forwards.

How do you know who plays what position in rugby?

each player has a designated number on thier shirt. Unlike soccer who have squad numbers on thier rugby use the number to identiy the player and their position as positions are standard across both code. Union start their numbering with the loose head prop number 1 and in league its the fullback at number 1