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All players on the soccer field can be an offensive player but mostly offensive is played by the midfielders and strikers, or attackers.

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Q: In soccer what is an offensive position?
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What position plays offense and defense in soccer?

A Position in soccer that is both offensive and defensive is the position central mifield

What is a offensive position in soccer?

a person who isn't defending. offensive players help score goals.

What is an offensive position in soccer?

There are four offensive positions, Foward, Center Midfield, Right Midfield, and Left midfield

What is a pointguard in soccer?

Pointguard is not a soccer position. This position exists in basketball, however.

Which soccer position requires the most running?

Soccer Position for runnersThe position in soccer that has the most running is typically the halfback position OR forward position depending on your team's offensive play calling. The halfback position runs up field to contribute to the offense by passing and shooting on goal AND also runs back behind the midfield to defend. The forward position usually stays up past the midfield position and is more of an offensive position and doesn't come back to defend. >> Centre midfields both attacking and defensive run the most. Next are fullbacks if they actively participate in attack as well followed closely by the left and right wingers.

What is a soccer striker?

The soccer striker is an offensive player, trying to score.

What isn't a soccer position offence defence special team or midfield?

Special teams is not a position in soccer.

How to assign soccer positions?

When you are a child playing soccer you choose a position that you enjoy most or that you are best at after trying out all of the positions. You work at the position and it becomes your position.

What are the Soccer position for high school?

position : teacher in high school

What positions are there in soccer that aren't in other games?

No position in soccer is unique to that sport.

What position did Freddy play in soccer?


What are position in soccer is similar in basketball?


What parts does soccer team have?

It has a goally, defenders, middle position, and front position.

What position does she play in soccer?

A girl can play any position in soccer that they choose oor they want to play ,boys cant choose for us.

Is soccer hard to learn?

no soccer is not hard to learn just know your position and stand by it.

What is an example of an offensive action?

Kicking a soccer ball into the goal

What soccer position does David Trezeguet play?

David Trezeguet plays in the position of: Striker.

What position does Francesco Totti play in soccer?


What position kicks off in a soccer game?


What was Miranda Cosgroves position in soccer?

im not sure

What is David Beckhams's soccer position?

right winger

What position does sergio ramos play in soccer?


What is Cristiano Ronaldo's soccer position?

Wing or forward

What is the highest paid position in soccer?

Usually the Midfield

What is the most popular soccer position?

striker or midfielder