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A hat trick in football is when a player scores 3 goals in one game.

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In soccer a hat trick is rered to three goals scored by one player in one match only.

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Q: In soccer what is a hat trick?
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What's a hat trick in soccer?

A hat trick in football is when a player scores 3 goals in one game.

Can a player keep a soccer ball after a professional soccer game?

Only if he scores a hat trick.

Who scored first hat-trick in world cup soccer final?


What is it when you score 5 goals in a soccer game?

There isn't a 5 there is only a hat trick which is 3

Which players have scored a hat-trick against the US women's soccer team?

In the 2012 Olympic Semifinals Christine Sinclair, captain of the Canadian WNT scored a hat trick (they still lost though).

Who is the only person to have scored a hat-trick of goals in the finals of the World Cup of Soccer?


Who is the highest scoring soccer player?

double hat trick in less than ten minutes by defoe

How many points are in a hat trick?

Three points. There are three goals in a hat trick, and each goal is worth 1 point.

What do you call it when a soccer player score 3 goals in one game?

When an individual scores 3 goals in a game it is called a "hat trick". The term stems from Cricket, when in 1858, HH Stephenson took three straight wickets on three deliveries. A collection was taken in a hat and Stephenson was presented with what was collected. The term stuck and has been used in numerous other sports, including soccer (football).

Who scored a hat-trick in every division of English soccer and the Champions League?

Robert Earnshaw - but not in the champions league

Who is the only soccer player to a hat trick in the premier league the FA cup and for country?

Robert Earnshaw has that distinction.

What sport is the hat trick played in?

The hattrick can be recorded in two sports. Hockey and Soccer. In hockey, it is when you score three goals, and in soccer it is when you score three goals.