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Only if he scores a hat trick.

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Q: Can a player keep a soccer ball after a professional soccer game?
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Does a professional soccer player get paid for game time?


What are 5 things a professional soccer player might do in his soccer game?

Controlling the ball with proper foot work is essential to playing soccer. Playing well with others, heading the ball since using hands is not allowed, and trapping the ball which helps gain control of the game, are the most basic skills.

Can a defending player be in the box on a soccer punt?

yes because i was at a soccer game one day and it was a foul ball bt they exepted

How many touches does an average soccer player get in one game?

a soccer game is 90 minutes, there are 22 players in the field, if you say that a player touches a ball 2/3 of the time, 60/22=almost 3 minutes. This is an estimate, for a striker will have far less ball contacts as a midfielder.

Does a soccer player get paid to be in a soccer game for Playstation?

if he is on the cover or sponsering the came yes, but i think its in the contract as soon as you become a professional athlete

When was Women's Professional Soccer All-Star Game created?

Women's Professional Soccer All-Star Game was created in 2009.

Why was the soccer ball named 'soccer ball'?

they are balls and they named after the game and that's how it got soccerball

What is professional soccer rules in Italy?

Italy follows the FIFA Laws of the Game in their professional soccer sports.

How the soccer ball apply in the game?

The entire game revolves around the soccer ball. It is passed, kicked, dribbled and scored with. Naturally, it is used in the game a LOT.

What is a sentence for soccer?

We lost the soccer game again.The soccer ball needs inflating.

Is it possible to NOT play soccer for over 3 years and then get recruited to a professional soccer team?

no you have to train for a long time to get your game on ... :( yes, some people are bourn with a natural talent on the ball, but years of practice are needed to become a true all-around player in football. Also a lot of professional teams look for fitness as well most people just do not have the fitness to play at a professional level.

How does the force tension apply to the game of soccer?

In soccer, the force of tension is often experienced when a player kicks or passes the ball. When the ball is struck, it creates tension in the player's leg muscles, providing the force necessary to propel the ball. The tension in these muscles and the force applied to the ball determine the speed and accuracy of the shot or pass.