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Basically to manovuer the ball from the far left or right, and cross it into the center, for one of the strikers to latch onto. Can be extremely useful and usually has all the tricks. Ronaldinho and Kaka are the best wingers at the moment. I have played in this position before, but usually as a wing back, so I can go up and defend at the same time, you tend to need the abilty to cover a large amount of ground in a short time

>> stretch the opponent's defence, get the ball back into the centre, dribble inwards to create space for the wing back to push up the wing

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Q: In soccer what are the responsibilities of the wingers?
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What position in soccer wear 11?

They are usually the wingers.

Left wing player in soccer?

The most famous left wingers are Ryan Giggs and christiano Ronaldo.

How many soccer players does a team have on the pitch?

On the pitch, eleven. Strykers, wingers, midfielders, stoppers, defenders, sweepers, and keepers.

In soccer who marks the sides of the field?

1. The groundstaff, 2. The right back, the left back and the wingers. or 3. The linesmen.

What do wingers do in football?

the wingers cross balls in and the strikers try to header it

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Describe the make up of a typical soccer game?

11 players are in a team.a goalkeeper,two backs,three midfielders,three strikers,two wingers,

What do you call the main goal scorer in soccer?

The main goal scorer is the 'striker' for a team. He is followed by a centre forward and assisted by wingers from the sides. These are the differences for the forward line, hope it helps

What are the places on a soccer field?

The postitons of a soccer feild are goal tender, defense, midfeild, left and right wingers, and the striker. These positions are located below: l X l X X X X X X X X X X

What are the day to day responsibilities of a professional soccer player?

have to be on time to practice and be responsible of hardwear

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What are the responsibilities of being a pro soccer player?

Work hard. Work hard and obey your coach.

What are the positions on a soccer team?

Defense: Central Defenders//Sweepers Left/Right Fullbacks Stopper Midfield: Central Midfielders (sometimes one is attacking and the other is defending) Wingers Left/Right Midfield Attack: Forwards

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What sport would one use Mercurial Vapor shoes for?

Mercurial Vapor shoes are used by players of European football or soccer, most notably wingers or strikers. The lightweight material allows for greater speed with less work.

Which player is called the attacker in soccer?

there are various players on a soccer team who could be classed as attackers. the most important are 'the centre forward , the wingers. a basic 4-2-4 line up would be goalkeeper left back centre back centre back right back midfield midfield winger forward forward winger

What does RB mean in soccer?

RB means Right Back. A right back is player who plays on the right side of the defensive line. The right back is responsible for marking side midfielders and wingers and also can play the role of an extended winger too

What the responsibilities of a pro soccer player?

Proffesional soccer players need to have good teamwork, good sportmanship, eat right to stay in shape, and most importantly, if they are in a college online course to keep their grades up.

Positions on the soccer field?

In a standard 4-4-2 configuration: Striker, Midfielder, Defender, Goalkeeper In a 4-3-3 configuration: Forwards, Midfielder, Defender, Goalkeeper In a 3-5-2 configuration: Forwards, Midfielders & Wingers, Defenders, Goalkeeper

What job resonsibilities do soccer players have?

Representing his club/country, giving his best in the games and trying to win many games for his club are the main job responsibilities of a soccer player. Apart from these, Behaving in a professional manner in matches, practice and dressing room and listening to the manager are some other responsibilities. Players also have sponsorships and media commitments.

What are the responsibilities and duties of a professional soccer team owner?

A professional soccer team owner needs to provide the team with the resources needed for travel and participation in games. The owner also needs to promote the team to sponsors and fans.

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