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It can happen. Take Ruud van Nistelrooy. He is right footed but left handed. A non footballing example would be Rafael Nadal. Plays tennis left handed, but he is right handed

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Q: In soccer people use their right foot but are left handed?
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Why does it matter what foot you use to kick a soccer ball?

It matters because it depends on if your left or right handed!!

Why does it matter if you're right handed but you kick a soccer ball with your left foot?

thats the thing it doesnt matter

Does it matter if you are left handed but kick a soccer ball with your right foot?

I don't think it matters as long as it's the leg that kicks the best.

What foot goes on the front of a skateboard?

left if ur right handed right is ur left handed

What is Victoria Justice's Favorite FOOT?

I believe what you are asking is if Victoria Justice is right handed, and the answer to that would be yes, she is right handed.

What does goofy footed mean?

Goofy footed is when you are right handed and your right foot goes on front of your board, or left handed with left foot onnfrontGoofy footed is a term used in skateboarding, snowboarding and in surfing. It is the opposite of regular stance. One prefers to lead with one's right foot in goofy foot. Your right foot stands in front of you.

What foot should a right handed bowler begin on?

The right foot. It is more important that a right handed bowler end on the left foot, but may start on either foot. If you start on the right foot you have an even number of steps before releasing the ball. If you start on the left foot you have an odd number of steps before releasing the ball.

What happens if you are right handed but you kick a soccer ball with your left foot?

That is not necessarily the case, why do you write better with your right hand? or why do you swing the golf club right handed? It is just the way you grow up, and how you naturally play. The best players can use both feet, it sounds to me you are simply right footed.

Was Pele a left footed or right footed in soccer?

right foot

Do you put your right or left foot in front on a ripstik?

im right handed and im the total opposite but it might be for only me cause i hold my forks and knives wrong hands so yeah do wat he said right handed=left foot on first(sometimes) left handed=right foot on first(sometimes) but if ur different (or normal or wat ever) its opposite

How far apart should your feet be when shooting a basketball?

About 11cm apart and if you are right handed, you right foot should be slightly more in front than your left and if you're left handed your left foot should be slightly in front of your right.

Am i left handed or right handed I write and eat right piano too i kick with my right foot i play sports left?

i would say you are ambi-dexerous which means you are both.