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Q: In soccer how many points is it worth when the ball goes into the net?
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When is the ball in or out of bounds in soccer?

In professional soccer when the ball goes outside of the lines it is out of bounds.

How points are awarded when the cue ball goes in off a colour?

If the cue ball goes in off the yellow, green or brown there are 4 penalty points. If the cue ball goes in off the blue there are 5 penalty points. If the cue ball goes in off the pink there are 6 penalty points. If the cue ball goes in off the black there are 7 penalty points.

What temperature does a soccer ball goes the farthest?


What does a ball girl do in soccer?

A ball girl in soccer would get the ball when it goes out of bounds and will give it to either the coach - referee and/or put it by the goal post out of bounds so that when a ball goes out again the goalie can just grab the ball that is by the post.

What is the name of the ball people who give the soccer players a ball when their ball goes out of the line?

Ballboys/Ballgirls Ballkids

Does the mass of a soccer ball effect how far it goes when you kick it?


If the ball goes into the net how many points is that?


When the soccer ball goes out of bounds over the sideline what is this called?

The ball has gone "in touch" and the restart is a throw-in.

How do you do a panna in soccer?

A panna is when the ball goes between your legs. In soccer that's the worst thing that can happen to someone

What happens when the ball goes out and the goalie touched it last in soccer?

Corner kick.....................

When the ball goes through your legs in soccer is it called a nutmeg or a nuddy?


How many pounds of air goes in a soccer ball?

7-8 lbs