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The home jersey is usually dark and the away jersey is usually light. At least with football and Basketball, those are the rules of thumb.

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They usaually wear their light jerseys since they are the home team!

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Either, it depends on the team colours. the home team wheres their home colours and the away team wear their alternative kit

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Q: In soccer does the home team wear a white or dark jersey?
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What color are Italy's soccer jerseys?

Home soccer jersey is blue. Away jesey is white!

What are the colors of England soccer jersey?

White for home, Red for away

What are US soccer national jersey collers?

USA home white. Away red!

What Dallas Maverick wears?

Home: White & Blue jersey Away: Blue & Dark blue jersey

Colors of the Buffalo Bills?

Baby blue, white and dark blue, home jersey color should be baby blue.

Is the home jersey color light or dark for the New Orleans Saints?

the saints home jersey is dark

What color is the redskins home jersey?

Most teams wear their dark colors at home, but the redskins and cowboys wear their white uniforms at home. the redskins home uniform is white with burgandy and gold trim.

What colour shirts in Italian soccer players?

The Italian National Team home jersey is blue while the away jersey is white. The blue color gives them their nickname, the azzurri.

What does the white jersey represent?

it is the home jersey for the teams