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yes the attacker can. but if the attacker is waiting behind the defenders, and receives the ball when she is behind the defender , it will be called an offside, and the other team will simply get a penalty. But if you already have the ball, you can just dribble it past the defenders and score.

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Q: In soccer can an attacker dribble the ball past the last two defenders and shoot on goal?
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How do you score a breakaway in soccer?

key is to shoot at open net. dribble to one corner of goal. If net is open, shoot. If not open, fake shot, then dribble a few steps to other corner of the gaol and shoot at open net.

How should a soccer player able to dribble and score?

You should be able to dribble with both of your feet. you should be able to run with the ball not a tight dribble until a player gets on you and shoot from the 18.

Is it better to kick a soccer ball with a toe or side of your foot?

It depends. To dribble it is better to use the side of your foot. To shoot a goal it is better to use your toe.

What is done with a basketball?

With a basketball you can shoot, dribble, and pass.

Why do you dribble for in soccer?

In soccer dribbling is used to move the ball down the feild with you while keeping it in close range. You pass the ball from one foot to the other while running. When you get far enough down the feild, you either pass or shoot.

What are some adverbs having to do with soccer?

There are LOTS. Here are a few: "Run quickly", "Shoot hard", "Pass accurately", "Head powerfully", "Dribble carefully", and "Deke slyly".Adverbs are in italics.

What are the 3 options when passed a ball in basketball?

Shoot,dribble or pass

Why is basketball a good sport?

it takes skill and speed to dribble and shoot

What three actions can you do out of a triple threat position?

Shoot, pass, or dribble

Why is flexability important in soccer?

Because in football game each player have to dribble ,shoot the ball in long rage ,swing the ball..etc. Otherwise the player muscles can be cramp or the injury can be happen....

What do defenders do in lacrosse?

Defenders are suppose to help make sure the other team's attackmen don't shoot.

Do women like to see a man shoot or dribble?

It really depends on the men.

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