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The Beaters

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Q: In quidditch what is the name of the players that throw the quaffle around trying to score a goal?
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What is Quidditch and what do you need for it?

Quidditch is a fictional sport played in the fiction novels and movies of Harry Potter. It is played on broomsticks, and each team has 7 players-the seeker, the keeper, 2 beaters, and 3 chasers. The seeker tries to catch a fast little ball called the snitch which will end the game. The beaters keep bludgers away from their players; bludgers are larger balls that chase the players around trying to knock them off their brooms. The chasers use the quaffle, which is a red ball, and they try to score through 3 different hoops, sort of like basketball. The keeper guards the hoops to stop the other team from scoring.

In Quidditch World Cup why cant you pass the quaffle when a bludger is chasing you?

You can, it's just difficult since the bludger is determined to throw you off your broom so it's the normal duties of being a Chaser while trying to avoid the bludger which is very hard.

Are Quidditch games dangerous?

Yes, the players are flying at a great height and there are heavy balls called bludgers being aimed at them trying to knock them off their brooms.

What is the game played at hogwarts in the Harry Potter series?

The most popular game played at Hogwarts is Quidditch. A sport where the players fly on broomsticks trying to score points and catch the golden snitch. There are also other games such as wizard's chess and gobstones.

What song is playing when Ron and McLaggen are trying out for Gryffindor quidditch team and during the first game?

The song used during the Quidditch Match is called Ron's Victory which can be found on the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Soundtrack.Of Love & War

What sport is Quidditch?

Quidditch is a sport played on Harry Potter. It involves teams flying around on flying on broomsticks trying to get rather heavy balls into rings that are high up in the air. The game can only end 2 ways. One is when the 2 captains agree to end the game. The other is when a ball that whizzes around extremely quickly (called the golden snitch) is caught the game is automatically won by the persons team. By Anthony Pallero

What is needed to play Quidditch at HOL?

The specifics may depend on which House you're in, but officially, you need approval of the Quidditch captain(s) and your Head of House. You'll also probably have to meet some other requirements in the form of practicing (botting) and trying out, which is also a test of your botting skills. Your best bet is to ask your Prefect or your Quidditch captain. There's always people willing to help!

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