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u need to get boosts

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Q: In nhl 10 for Xbox 360 is there any way you can change how fast the players skate?
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What is the fastest sport backwards?

Hockey players have skate about as fast backward as they do forward.

How fast can nhl players skate?

i would say average would be 25-30mph your fastest skaters maybe 35mph

How do you get Run Fast in Roblox?

Change a players Humanoid speed.

How fast can Alexander Ovechkin skate?


Why does Xbox live need high speed Internet?

because it needs to be fast enough to load other players actions. It is all live

How fast does Sidney Crosby skate?


Do the kids grow up in Sims 3 for xbox 360?

Of course. You can change how fast aswell by going to settings

How fast can a skate board go?

the record is 70mph

What are the Norway speed skaters?

Norwegians that skate fast

Disadvantages of a roller skate?

Well you can't turn as fast and you can't go as fast in general as a rollerblader.

How fast does hockey player skate?

Can get up to 45 km/hr

Why do basketball players swipe at the bottom of their sneakers?

To get off any moisture that might make them slip and fall on a fast change of direction.

Are rukos skate board bearings good?

well yes i got them and they are good and fast !

How fast can Bobby Hull skate?

I believe Bobby Hull was clocked at 29 MPH

How fast does a hockey player skate during a game?

The fastest on record skater was Scott neidemyer at the 1998 skills contest. He clocked in at 45k/h however the average hockey player does not skate this fast during a game. Average speed can reach 30k/h.

How do you get fast money on Fable 2 Xbox?

you need to buy a house and then put the rent to 100% then pause the game, now save and quit the game then go tho you xbox dashboard go to your settings and change the date to as for forward as you can, then go back on the game and you should get more money fast you will need to repeat this a few times

Is a volcano fast or slow change?

volcano is a fast change .

How long does it take to download GTA san Andreas on xbox 360?

It depends if your xbox is fast or slow!

You skate 1000m in 75s How fast are you traveling?

0.8 kilometres/Min ~ 48km/hr ~ 30mph

How do you ice skate fast?

But gliding and make sure feet are not to close to each other it works for me.

Best Rechargeable Batteries for an Xbox 360 Controller?

Rechargeable batteries are almost crucial for Xbox 360 players, as the AA batteries seem to die fast. While there are many on the market to chose from, one of the best is the Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable battery. Breakthrough technology has allowed these NiMH rechargeable batteries the ability to increase electrical capacity, reduce self-discharge, and maintain longer charge cycles. Most Xbox 360 players notice that they are able to play games longer on a single charge, compared to other rechargeable batteries.

What fast playing team sport has 11 players but can also have 6 players?


Where is the game fast paw at in Build-a-Bearville?

You go to the skate park and click on the football

Is burning of paper a fast change or slow change?

Burning of paper is a fast change ; not a slow change.

How fast does an Xbox 360 disk spin?

This one's a little tricky and is standard for all DVD players: The disc's speed changes from 1530 rpm, when reading at the inner edge, and 630 rpm at the outer edge of the disk.