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After you catch the ball, whichever foot touches the ground first is called your landing foot; if both feet touch the ground simultaneously, or if both feet are already on the ground when you catch the ball, then you can choose either foot to be the landing foot.

Whichever foot is your landing foot, the other foot can be moved however you like, essentially so long as your landing foot stays in the same spot. Well, almost. To complicate things, you are allowed lift your landing foot off the ground, as long as your other foot remains still once the landing foot is lifted. You must also let go of the ball before your landing foot touches the ground again.

Needless to say, you can't drag your landing foot, nor can you hop, skip or run with the ball. And you have to release the ball within three seconds.

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2010-12-08 10:06:59
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Q: In netball which foot are you not allowed to move when you have the ball?
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Can you slam dunk in netball?

No, you're not allowed to move with the ball

What is foot work in netball?

It is when you move with the ball. You can only pivert when you hold the ball. That is when you spin round on one foot only

What is footwork in netball?

When you catch the ball , you have to keep your landing foot still. If you land on both feet, you get to pick which foot to move.

Footwork in netball?

When you catch the ball you are only able to move on one foot and pivot on the other. If you move both feet the other team will get the ball.

Is it legal for a player to step with the ball?

In Netball, it is legal to move one foot only while you have the ball, this can only be the foot that was second on the ground after you gained possession of said ball.

What is a foot fault in netball?

It's when you have the ball and you move the foot you landed on. So if you caught the ball, put down your left foot as you landed and then put down your right foot, moving you left foot afterwards would be a fault.

Why cant you move your feet in netball?

You are not allowed to run with the ball in Netball, or very soon you get a very different game. So the simplest way of enforcing this is to ban moving your feet.

What is a netball pivot?

I netball pivot is when you keep one foot stationary on the floor and it doesn't move and the other foot andyour body goes in a circular motion with out moving your grounded foot.

How must your feet land in netball?

one two, or both at the same time but if you move your 1st foot down while still holding the ball it's 'footwork' and the ball goes to the other team

What is stepping in netball?

if you move the foot you land on first and lift it up and put it back down

Can a goalkeeper move the ball from outside of the penalty area to the inside with his foot and then pick it up?

if it was not a pass back then he's allowed

How do you win in netball?

By getting the ball into the hoop without doing an illegal move.

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