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The goal attack, also known as GA, can only go into their third where they are shooting, the goal square and into the middle third. GA is also eligible to shoot goals.

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Q: In netball where is the goal attack not allowed?
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Where is goal attack allowed in netball?

Never and nowhere.

What is goal attack in netball?

its the guy who is allowed in the goal circle, the attacking square and allowed to score

What two positions are allowed to shoot a goal netball?

goal attack (GA) and goal shooter (GS)

In netball where is the goal attack aloud?

The Goal Attack is allowed into the goal circle on the attack side and up to the centre third line on the defence side.

What two positions are allowed to shoot in netball?

Goal Attack(GA) and Goal Shooter(GS)

Where is the goal keeper allowed in netball?

in netball the goal keeper is only allowed in the third quad of the netball set-out. it belongs where the goal shooter is allowed to go.

Who can shot in netball?

In netball, the goal shooter and the goal attack can shoot.

Where in netball is the wing attack allowed?

The wing attack is only allowed in the centre third and in the goal third where they start. BUT NOT in the shooting semi-circle

Which player in netball is allowed in the centre third defending goal third and shooting circle?

Goal Defence and the opposing Goal Attack

What positions ae there in netball?

in netball there is a goal shooter, goal keeper, goal attack, goal defence, wing attack, wing defence and centre

Where are only the goal keeper and goal attack and goal defence allowed to go in netball?

goal keeper in the goal third goal defense in goal third and center third Goal attack goal third and centre third

Where are the wing attacks allowed?

The wing attack in netball is allowed in the centre third and the shooting third of their team only, they are not allowed in the goal circle

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