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No. There are one point shots and two point shots. Similar to Basketball, any shots that score that are taken from behind the "two point line" are awarded an extra point.

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Q: In major league lacrosse is there a three pt shot?
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What is the fastest shot in lacrosse?

The fastest recorded shot in lacrosse history is 118 miles per hour (190 km/h), achieved by Zack Dorn of the Rochester Rattlers in Major League Lacrosse.

How do the points work in a lacrosse league?

every thing counts as one, in the pros there is a line that if shot behind, it counts as 2 points

What is the top speed shot in lacrosse history?

the fastet shot in lacrosse ever recorded is 121 mph

How many points do you receive if you score a goal in lacrosse?

One point per goal. The stick and the body must not cross the line, otherwise the point will not count. At the professional level (Major League Lacrosse only) the rules differ to include a two-point goal line 16 yards (15 m) from each goal.

What goes faster a hockey shot or a lacrosse shot?

depends on the shooter. if we are talking professional players than it would most likely be a hockey shot... especially a slap shot. but that's not saying a lacrosse shot isn't hard.

What is a Shots on Goal in lacrosse?

when the shot is stopped by the goalie or goes in

How long can you hold the ball for in lacrosse?

well if your talking about the most popular form of lacrosse (field lacrosse, like the one in college) then you can technically hold the ball as long as you want to, If you are playing Box Lacrosse however, you have 30 seconds to take a shot (it resets after each shot) or you and your team will lose possesion of the ball.

Can you wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse?

yes you can wear hockey elbow pads for lacrosse

Who made the top speed shot in lacrosse history?

paul rabil 110

What is the fastest lacrosse shot?

111 miles per hour by paul rabil

Do smaller elbow pads give you a faster and more accurate shot in lacrosse?


Which lacrosse shot is faster underhand overhand or sidearm?

it all depends on the person .... The fastest shot I have ever seen was a side arm