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of course not

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Q: In little League baseball game bases loaded two outs ground ball to first baseman he tagged the runner before he crossed the plate does the run at home count?
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What was Jorge Posada's minor league position before being converted to catcher?

2nd baseman

Often stops the ball before it gets to the outfield?

In baseball, someone playing on the infield will stop the ball before it gets to the outfield. Depending on where it's hit, this could be the first baseman, second baseman, shortstop, or third baseman. Sometimes the pitcher even stops the ball before it has a chance to get through to the outfield.

What do you call baseball player league just before the majors?

AAA minor league

Who was the cardinals 2nd baseman before billiard?

Ronnie Billiard was the Cardinals second baseman in 2006. In 2005 Mark Grudzielanek was the Cardinals second baseman. The Cardinals current second baseman is Mark Ellis.

What is a Baseball Assist?

A baseball 'assist' is given when a fielder 'assists' in the making of an 'out' of an opposing player. For example, a ground ball is hit to the third baseman who throws the ball to the first baseman standing on first base who makes the 'out' by touching first base before the runner who hit the ball does. The first baseman is credited with a 'put out' and the third basemen is credited with an 'assist.'

When does a Major League Baseball team travel?

The night before a game.

What did Jackie Robinson do before he died?

He played Major League Baseball.

Who was the second baseman for the New York Yankees before Robinson Cano?

Robinson Cano took over second base in 2005. Miguel Cairo was the New York Yankees second baseman in 2004, and Alfonso Soriano was the second baseman before him.

Is a batter out if the first-baseman controls the ball on the ground before the batter reaches first?

no.Unless the first baseman is touching first base.

Who was the Phillies second baseman before Placido Polanco?

Pedro Feliz

Who was Yankee's 1st baseman before Mark Teixeira?

Jason Giambi was the first baseman for a while in 2008 before Tex, because Hideki Matsui was the DH coming off his knee injury

What is bunting in baseball?

you put the stick in front and hold it with both hands and let the ball tap it so that you get to first before the pitcher of third baseman can get to it and throw it to first

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