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A goalie can easily be called for tripping, but they can get away easier with it than a player. If the player is tripped inside teh crease it can be deemed legal, or if it was a pokecheck and the player tripped or something like that it can be deemed okay, but if the goalie runs up sticks out his leg it could be called tripping.

It can also be considered okay if the two players collide.

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Q: In hockey is the goalie in the shootout allowed to trip the player?
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A hockey goalie can be very fast. Not as fast as a player but still fast in a different way.

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It's called the crease. And like a pitcher's mound (just ask Oakland's Dallas Braden) it's the goalie's office. A player from an opposing team is technically not allowed to stand in the area or he is in danger of being penalized although, sometimes they get away with it. A player from your own team is not allowed to cover, freeze, or in any manner hold on to the puck in that area. The goalie can of course do any of those things.

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