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Yes. Play is stopped the moment the defender crosses into the neutral zone.

Technically, this is called "encroachment." There is no "offsides" foul in high school football.

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Q: In high school football is an offsides penalty a dead ball foul?
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What are offsides in flag football?

The difference is that offense is when your team has the ball and defense is when you want to get the ball or tackle but in your case your going to rip the flag of the other person.

If the football ref blows whistle the same time the ball goes in for agoal does the goal count?

It counts unless a penalty, say offsides, would negate it.

What was the penalty on the play where george teague stripped the ball from lamar thomas?

Offsides. Antonio London

What is offsids defense in football?

Defensive offsides is when a defensive player crosses the line of scrimmage, the yard line on which the ball is placed before the play begins, when the quarterback snaps the ball. The defensive player is allowed to accidentally jump across the line of scrimmage as long as he gets back to the defensive side of the ball before the ball is snapped. Offsides is a five yard penalty and a replay of down.

When there is an offsides or encroachment does the offense get an automatic first down?

No, not automatically. It is a 5-yard penalty. If the penalty moves the ball past the line to gain, then it is a first down.

What is the difference between offsides and false start?

Offsides is if the defensive player jumps across the line of scrimmage while the ball is snapped. False start is when an offensive lineman jumps or moves his hand after he gets set. Offsides = Defense False Start = Offense

May the offense decline the offside penalty in high school football?

They can decline the penalty, yes... but there would be no reason to decline it, because in high school this is a dead ball foul and the play is immediately blown dead.

Does the offense get a first down on an offsides penalty in football?

When the defensive player moves over the line of scrimage and touches an offensive player before the ball is hiked. It's when a defensive player moves over the line of scrimage before the ball is snapped. If he touches an offensive player it's known as encroachment.

Can a football player that steps out of bounds still field the ball?

no, in fact they have a penalty for that

What does it mean when a football player is lined up offsides?

When a team crosses the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped.A player from either team is in the neutrual zone.

When the football is kicked off in college football what causes a penalty?

On a kick off, if the ball goes out of bounds it's an illegal procedure, and it's a penalty. Note: Does not apply to punts.

In college football if a players foot hits the ball causing a fumble is a penalty?

If the 'kick' is intentional, it is an illegal kick penalty. If it is unintentional, it is a fumble.