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No it actually doesn't matter as long as you get to school 4 hours before. JSN

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Q: In high school basketball do you have to be at school on a game day?
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Can junior high play in a junior high basketball tournament and a high school game on the same day?

Yes, well it depends on your schedule.

Does Barack Obama play basketball?

He never played it professionally, but he enjoyed being on the team in high school and to this day, he and his friends get together for a game when his schedule permits.

In high school baseball can the pitcher be removed and return later in that game as a pitcher?

No. In high school baseball, once a pitcher is called out of a game he is done for the day.

Did micheal jordan play high school basketball?

No he just woke up one day and decided to become the greatest basketball player in history. Of coarse he did.

Did Obama play basketball what year?

Barack Obama was never a professional basketball player, nor did he play for any semi-pro teams. He mainly played basketball in high school, where he earned praise as an excellent shooter. To this day, he still enjoys the game, and plays basketball with his friends when he has some free time.

How many quarters of high school basketball can be played a day?

In Georgia, a player can play five quarters in a day (overtime counts as part of the fourth quarter).

What is a basketball game day routine?

Coke and hos

'is it ok to do yoga a day before a basketball game'?


Do schools in Minnesota play high school hockey games outdoors?

There are a few high school games scheduled outdoors every year, mainly as part of "Hockey Day in Minnesota" - which is primarily a marketing tactic by Fox Sports North. On this day, two high school outdoor games are televised, along with an indoor game. Also a Minnesota Gopher game and a Wild game are televised on that day. The vast majority of high school games are played indoors, however.

When was the first game of basketball played?

December 21st, 1891 is the first day basketball was played.

What education did Mickey Mantle have?

High School DiplomaMickey Mantle's highest level of education was high school. He was an all-around athlete at Commerce High School, playing basketball, football, and baseball. New York Yankees scout Tom Greenwade signed Mickey Mantle on his graduation day in 1949.

What are the rules about high school cheerleaders wear there uniform to school on game day?

dunno but at most schools if the game isn't during the schol day in the morning than i think u have to change just before the game after schol. u cnt spel English

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