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Curls and bench presses are weight training moves. Curls use free weights and bench press involves a weight bar with weights on it and a bench to lie down on.

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Q: In gym what are curls and bench presses?
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What's the best exercise for biceps?

Curls and bench presses are good exercises for biceps.

What is a good upper body exercise?

Push-ups and pull-ups are two great upper body exercises that don't require special equipment. For weight training, curls, flies, bench presses and hammer curls are recommended for upper body workouts.

What weight machines for home use are there?

Weight machines can be found for pretty much everything, from bench presses, seated gorilla presses, leg extension/curls, and so on. Weight ranges from company to company, and usually go up on the machine in increments of 5 or 10 lbs.

Does the Wieder 265 bench accommodate Olympic weights?

All benches with upright supports will accommodate either practice or Olympic bars. However, if you are doing bench presses in a home gym, always do them in a power rack or with spotters.

Who bench presses the most on the gators?

tim tebow

How do you get big biceps?

You could go to the gym and do some bench presses and machines that help. If you are underaged i would advise you to do pushups, pullups (Buy a pullup bar) or dips! Good Luck!

How much does rg3 bench press?

My homie rg3 bench presses 375 its on the subway commercials

How do you work out your leg muscles?

The best way is to go to a gym and work out on the machines to do exercises such as hamstring curls, leg extensions, leg presses and squats can be done without machines. But you should get instructions on how to do them properly by a professional trainor.

Who bench presses the most in the WWE?

funaki or Michael cole

What is utility bench?

It is a bench in the gym. You can do different exercises on it.

What are some good, 3 times a week, muscle building workouts at the gym?

A good muscle building workout to do 3 times a week at the gym would be 1 set of 8-10 reps of each of the following: barbell squats, leg extensions, lying leg curls, dumbbell pullovers, military press, seated cable rows, barbell bench press, barbell curls, pull-ups, bench dips, standing calf raises and crunches.

Do curls help in bench press?

It's not recommended.