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2 shots below par is an Eagle.

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Q: In golf what is 2 shots below par called?
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What does par mean in golf?

You've done it in 5 shots

What sport can you score birdies eagles and albatrosses?

Golf This is a Bristish term in golf for completing a hole three shots under par. Otherwise known as a 'double eagle'. e.g. Getting the ball in the hole in the hole in 2 shots on a par 5 hole. Acheiving this is VERY rare. 'Par' is the number of shots you would be expected to have to take to complete a hole in a game of golf.

Is it bad to get a bogey in golf?

yes it means that you got 1 over par, which is bad cause your trying to get the least amount of shots possible in golf. par is average for the course.

Is under par better than over par?

Yes it is. Par means average. When playing golf you try to sink the ball in the least amount of shots. The less you get under par (average) the better.

What is a double in golf?

It's short for 'double bogey', e.g. two shots over par (+2).

What is a birdie in golf?

A birdie is a hole played one stroke under par.

Where does the expression Below par come from?

The "sport" of golf; see the related link below:

What is better than an eagle in golf?

An Eagle in golf is lower than a birdie. A birdie is 1 stoke below par on the hole and an Eagle is 2 strokes below par For example, on a par four, an eagle is two strokes on a par three, an eagle is not used. it is just referred to as a hole in one!

In golf what is an egale?

It is when you get 2 strokes below par on 1 hole. For example 3 on a par 5 or 2 on a par 4

How many shots are in a par?

It depends if it is a par 3 then it is three shots if it is a par 4 then it is 4 shots ect.

How do you gir in golf?

GIR is green(s) in regulation. This means the player hits the green in the number of shots determined as regulation. On a par three it is one shot, par four it is two shots and par five is three shots.

Where the term eagle is used in sports?

It's used in golf - to indicate a score of 2 shots under par.