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For irons, steel shafts are better- unless you struggle to get the ball off the ground, in which case you should use graphite. Steel shafts are used for irons because graphite shafts are quite expensive and iron heads are relatively heavy- steel shafts are also heavy and even out the swing weight. Graphite is used for woods and hybrids because their heads are light and you can get the most distance from them.

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Q: In golf club irons is there a difference between graphite shafts and steel shafts and which is better?
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Whats the difference between a graphite and a steel shaft for golf clubs?

Graphite shafts transmit fewer vibrations up the shaft to the golfer's hands than do steel shafts. This might be good or bad, depending on your skill and your desire. You might want that added feedback that steel shafts offer - or you might be tired of your hands stinging so much on mis-hit shots. The biggest and by far most important difference between steel and graphite shafts is this: graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts. So clubs that have graphite shafts will be lighter than otherwise identical clubs that have steel shafts. The difference in weight between graphite shafts and steel shafts will translate, for most golfers, into an additional 2-4 mph of swing speed with graphite. And that could mean an extra 6-12 yards of distance with a graphite shaft, compared to a steel shaft. Steel shafts are less expensive than graphite, so the same set of clubs will cost less with steel shafts than with graphite shafts. Steel shafts were once considered much more durable than graphite. That's not s

What is a better shaft for golf clubs graphite or steel?

It depends. Generally steel shafts are used for irons and wedges whereas graphite shafts are used for woods and hybrids. If you have a slow swing speed or struggle to get the ball in the air, graphite shafts are ideal. Graphite shafts are ideal for women, juniours and seniors.

What are u44 graphite ping shafts?

Ping U44 graphite shafs are A flex senior shafts

Steel or graphite shaft for kids?

I would recommend graphite shafts for kids. Kids have slower swing speeds, graphite shafts are more flexible and give a higher launch than steel, and graphite shafts are a lot lighter.

What is better graphite vs steel iron shafts for kids?

Young children should really use graphite shafts, they help them get the ball in the air easier and they are a lot lighter than the steel ones. Any clubs I have seen designed specifically for children have graphite shafts. When they get a bit older and stronger say 13-14 they may be able to move on to steel, because their swing speed will have increased and they are a lot stronger. Girls however tend to stay with graphite as they have slower swing speeds and the graphite shafts help get the ball in the air.

What do you use graphite for?

Some golf clubs are made out of graphite. Golfers prefer graphite shafts rather than steel shafts because the ones made out of graphite are lighter. This leads to further shots and more yards.

Who makes callaway graphite shafts?


Will graphite shaft let you hit the ball further than steal shaft?

Yes, graphite shafts are far superior to steel shafts in terms of distance.

What is the difference between graphite and steel clubs?

Graphite clubs shafts "transmit fewer vibrations up the shaft to the golfer's hands than do steel shafts" as compared to steel clubs shaft are less expensive and they are more durable than graphite. As Kelley states "Quality graphite shafts will last as long as you do so long as they are not chipped, cracked, or the laminate-seal is not peeling. Steel shafts will last forever so long as they are not bent, rusted or pitted" (Kelley). Graphite clubs are lighter compare to steel clubs. Source: Kelley, Brent. "Steel vs. Graphite: Which Type of Club Shaft Best Suits Your Game?" 2010. 10 March 2010 <>

What are hockey shafts made of?

Composite shafts are composed of graphite, plastic, and carbon fibers, wooden shafts are made of wood, and aluminum shafts are made of aluminum.

What is the difference between a taylormade reax 55 shaft and a reax 55 soft tip graphite shaft?

The Taylormade REAX 55 shaft is a made by Mitsubishi Rayon. The graphite shaft is more brittle and therefore more prone to damage. However, there should be no distinquishable difference in the playing characterics beween the two shafts.

Your clubhead speed is 81 should you go graphite or steel shafts in your iron set?

Depends, graphite would be ideal, however regular steel shafts could also be a possibility.

Who makes Callaway system 55 Graphite Shafts?


How can you tell graphite from steel shafts?

Graphite shafts are perfectly smooth and usually very colourful. They are also a lot lighter. Steel shafts are stepped descending down the shaft, they are a lot heavier and they are a shiny metallic colour. When you see the two, you'll know.

Who makes TaylorMade graphite shafts?

currently Fujikura but they have used others

Why don't pro golfers have graphite shafts in their irons?

Graphite shafts are lighter and produce a higher loft angle, therefore are ideal for seniors juniors and ladies. Pro's don't use them because steel shafts are heavier and more accurate which is what you want in irons. They use graphite is their drivers and woods so they can get an ideal launch and raise club head speed.

How do you extend graphite club shafts?

There are extensions you can insert in the butt end of the shaft (after removing the grip) that can be trimmed to the desired length and re-install the grip. This must be done carefully, as some graphite shafts can crack easily.

Do all women pro golfers use steel shaft in their irons?

The majority of them would, but quite a lot still use graphite shafts. Graphite shafts help launch the ball higher with their slower swing speeds.

Do graphite shafts stiffen or become more flexible with age?

Graphite shafts are very durable and will last for many years without a change in performance. They will however weaken with extended use. Make sure you keep good care of them.

What type of shaft should you use in a golf club?

Depends on the person. Generally steel shafts for irons, and graphite shafts for woods and hybrids. If you have a slow swing speed you should use graphite shafts in your irons. You should however get custom fit so you can find out which flex suits your game the best.

What is the difference in shaft golf club?

Some shafts are graphite, some are steel. Steel is used mostly in irons and is not as complicated as graphite. Graphite is used in woods and if not used properly, can hurt you game. Graphite has different levels of stiffness for different swing speeds. The faster you swing, the more stiffness you need. For more detail go to the link below.

Will mixing graphite and steel shafts affect your golf game?

AnswerYes, unless you're a pro. A hobbyist does not have the swing control necessary to adjust to the difference required for each shaft. The extra flex in a graphite shaft will require a different swing. Playing golf well requires good repetition of proper swings.You want graphite in your woods and perhaps in your Hybrids. Graphite in irons can be spooky as in sometimes the ball will go long and sometimes short. It is more difficult to control the distance with graphite iron shafts. Steel is more predictable.

Will graphite shaft extenders fit steel shafts?

It depends on the butt size of the steel club and how wide the graphite shaft butt is. It is not really ideal to mix the composition of shafts in this way as it will drastically affect the swing weight. Yes it is true there are matrix shafts which have steel and graphite but these have been specifically designed for their purpose and work well. You would be best going and getting steel shaft extensions they are cheap enough.

Why are graphite golf shafts better for the senior player?

There are better because they are more flexible and have higher kick point which gets the ball in the air easier, which is more desirable for senior players who have slower swing speeds.

What is the difference between the sticks they used back then and the sticks now?

Eariler they made sticks from wood, which they made their own curve, shafts etc. Nowadays, that's made in companies. And the materials have changed from wood only to newer, lighweight materials such as composite or graphite.