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1 persent

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Q: In football what percentage of the time does a team's score end with a 5?
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Is there a football team that scored zero points in a football game?

Yes, many. Every time you hear a final score like '7 to nothing' it means one of the teams scored zero points.

When was the last time VMI beat VPI in football?

November 21, 1981 by the score of 6-0. The two teams haven't played since 1984.

What is the south Carolina gamecocks football teams all-time record in football?

The South Carolina Gamecocks football teams all-time record in football is 576-547-44 (win, losses, and ties).

How many teams can score at one time in kickball?

Like in baseball, two teams alternate between innings to get a chance to score. So the answer is one.

What is the average score of a football games at half time?


What are the best college football teams of all time?

Tennessee Vols

Which is the losingest college football program?

As of the start of the 2007 season, for division 1A college football teams that had played at least 500 games total, the worst winning percentage belongs to Kent State University whose win loss record is 294-467-28 for a winning percentage of .390. The division 1A team with the most all time losses is Northwestern University whose all time win loss record is 453-604-44 for a winning percentage of .431.

Did galway play Australia in football in 1965?

If you are talking about Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams, then the answer is no. The first time Gaelic Football and Australian rules teams played each other was in 1967. A Meath team played an Australian team.

What football team started the first thanksgiving football game?

The tradition started in 1902. In this time there were only three teams in the NFL. Two of the teams were based in Philadelphia, while the third was based in Pittsburgh.

How many football players on on a football field?

11 for each team. So, 22 at one time if you include both teams.

What is the role of a timekeeper in football?

The role is to keep an eye on time and if they need exta time if non of teams have goal

How do you tie in hockey?

Both teams would have to have the same score when the time runs out in either the game or overtime.

What is the Raiders percentage for Monday Night Football?

According to Wikipedia, the Raiders all time record on Monday Night Football is 36-22-1 for a winning percentage of .619.

What percentage of time do the best major league teams win their scheduled games?


How are local football teams funded?

A lot of amateur teams fund themselves out of their own pockets with part-time players until they find a sponsor.

When is the last time southern miss beat Ole Miss in football?

1984- USM 13 - Ole Miss 10 (This was the last time the two teams met on the football field).

When was the last time Kentucky beat Florida in football at Florida?

The last time Kentucky defeated Florida in football while in Florida was on November 17, 1979 by the score of 31-3.

Where can you find a win percentage chart for the total history of all the NFL teams?

Click on the 'All Time Winning Percentages' link on this page to see a listing of teams and their franchise winning percentage as of the start of the 2007 season.

How many players have to be on a football field at one time?

It is played between two teams of 11.

When was the last time Michigan football was shutout?

October 20, 1984 against Iowa by the score of 20-0.

Which college football team has the highest winning percentage of all time?

Michigan has the highest winning percentage and the most wins

Which college football team has the highest all time winning percentage?


What is an NFL tiebreaker?

It's called overtime. The first team to score wins. Teams get two time-outs each.

What is the Browns all time winning percentage?

The Cleveland Brown's all time historical winning percentage was .535 which has topped the franchise's winning record and is high against other NFL teams.

You would like a list of the NCAA football teams all time won loss records?

Click on the 'Division 1-A Teams' and 'Division 1-AA Teams' links on this page to see all time win loss records as of the start of the 2007 season.