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If the runner was not on the base at the time when the pitcher entered the pitching circle they can still steal a base. The runner has a certain amount of time to decide to either steal or return to their original base once the pitcher is in the circle. They cannot rock though, or pretend to go either way and then go the other. Once they commit to one direction they have to go that direction, unless the ball leaves the pitcher's circle again.

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Q: In fast pitch once the pitcher is in the circle and the ball is in her hands can the runners steal or does she have to be on the mound ASA?
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What should a pitcher do when a catcher misses a ball and the ball rolls towards the fence?

In general, if there are base runners, the pitcher should run to cover home. If there are no runners on, the pitcher can just stay on the mound.

What do the pitcher stands on?

There is a pitcher's circle but no actual mound of dirt. There is a pitcher's circle but no actual mound of dirt.

What is the area of the pitchers mound with a diameter of 18?

There are certain things a pitcher may not do while within this circle. Fore example, when the umpire puts a new ball in play, some pitchers will spit on their hands and rub the ball up. Done outside this circle, it is legal; done inside this circle, it is illegal.

What is the shape pitcher's mound?

The pitcher's mound is circular.

What are the dimensions of a softball mound?

Softball doesn't have a raised mound. In fast pitch softball, there is a circle with an 8 foot diameter drawn around the pitcher's plate.

What would be the area of the circle around the pitcher's mound if it's 18ft across?

A circle with an 18-foot diameter has an area of: 254.5 square feet.

Why pitcher have higher mound?

A pitcher has a high mound because he can get some velocity.

How high is the pitcher's mound in college baseball?

What is the height of the pitcher's mound in college baseball

What sport is there a mound?

The sport of baseball has a pitcher's mound.

Has a pitcher ever charged the mound?

The pitcher is on the mound so he can't charge it. The batter charges it from the plate.

Were do the visits counts for a pitcher at the mound or the line?

Rule 8.06 of the Official Baseball Rules (2011, pp 78-79) does not state where the visit counts, but it does state that the visit is officially over when the coach or manager leaves the 18' circle of the pitcher's mound. If he turns around to talk to the pitcher after he walks off the mound, it is considered a second visit and the pitcher must be replaced. For the rest of this answer I will just use "coach." The coach does not get counted for a mound visit when he steps over the line, because he is allowed to visit an infielder as well. However, if that infielder then communicates with the pitcher, it will be counted as a mound visit. So basically, it is considered a mound visit if the coach goes out to communicate in some way or another to the pitcher. Let's just assume that the coach isn't stupid and wants to communicate with the pitcher in a way that the other team can't hear him. He would be counted a visit the moment he stepped foot on the mound, as the umpires would then know his intention is to talk to the pitcher.

What is The Diameter of the pitchers mound?

The diameter of an MLB pitcher's mound is 18 feet.