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Fox hunting

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Q: In congress the position whip was named after what sport?
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Term given to members of congress who are responsible for getting out the vote?

whip whip

What does the whip do in congress?

Blake Harris

Who is the party whip for the Democrats and Republicans?

Each party has a whip in each house of Congress.

What do Whips do in Congress?

The so-called "whip" in Congress is the person chosen by each political party to be the one to organize action on particular matters before the Congress on behalf of that party. The position is not a formal governmental position. For example, if the Democratic party wants to pass a controversial bill and if it appears the vote taken will be close, the "whip" will make sure that enough Democratic Congressmen will be there when the vote is taken. Just like whipping horses to make them gallop.

Who is the congress republican whip?

In the House of Representatives, the Whip is Eric Cantor of Virginia. In the Senate, Jon Kyl of Arizona is the Minority Whip.

In congress whip are?

This is this the person who works with the speaker to get members to vote a certain way. They "whip" them into shape.

Who counts votes for the leadership in Congress?


What does the Majority Whip do for both chambers?

The Majority whips in Congress have several duties. They are conduits for information between the party leaders and the members. They encourage the members of their party to support the party's position on legislation and "whip" reluctant members into line.

Who is the whip in congress?

Jim Clyburn and Eric Cantor

A member of Congress who colleagues in his political issues?


Does Indiana Jones' whip have a name?

No, Indy has never named his whip in the films or the television series.

Who does the floor leader rank higher than in the congress?

The whip

How long has whip been used in politics?

That is a good question. The concept of the Whip began in the English Parliament with the word taken from the use of a whip to keep hounds in a pack during a fox hunt. The Whip is an official of a political party. The Whip's job is to keep party members in line on votes as well as inform members of when a vote will be taken and the party's position on the vote. Use of the whip in the American Congress began at the turn of the century with first the Republicans adopting the position in the Senate and then the Democrats in the House over a period of time stretching from 1897 to 1915. The concept of the Whip is retained in many nations around the world, especially those that were or are part of the British Commonwealth. The English Parliament adopted the position in the 1700's according to the British Parliament's website.

Why is the party whip important to the party?

its because congress needos it to organize

What serves as head of their political party?

The heads of the political parties in Congress are the Majority Whip and the Minority Whip. These two people are elected by their own party constituents to help control what happens during a session of Congress.

What is the function of a bull whip?

There are many functions of a bull whip. The main function of a bull whip is to keep various types of livestock in place. Bull whips are also often used for sport.

What is the White House Whip?

There is no White House Whip. However, each house of the U.S. Congress has both a majority and minority whip. The job of the whip is to ensure that the representatives of their party attend important votes and vote along party lines.

Responsibility for communication among party members in Congress lies with who?

The WHIP system

Who is Responsible for communication among party members in congress?

The whip is responsible for communication among party members in congress. This is a person within the whip system that is an official within their party that has the task of ensuring party discipline within legislature.

What is the gliding position called for the whip kick?

its called stream line

Who are the Whips in Congress?

It is the Whip's job to keep everyone in his or her party voting the way the party wants.Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD) was elected Democratic Whip by acclamation on November 14, 2002. Steve Scalise is the (R-LA) was elected Republican Whip since the 113 Congress.

Us senate Minority whip?

Senator Jon Kyl (R-AZ) is Currently the Senate Minority Whip (as of Dec.23, 2009, 111th Congress)

What agency coordinates the budget-making work of congress?

The Speaker of the House and the Majority Whip and the chairman of the Ways and Means committee in the House; the President of the Senate and the Majority Whip in the Senate and the chairman of the Senate committee that does the budget, guides this through congress.

What was the most common sport in the early1800's?

Whip the African, Rob the Native and Baseball

What committee helps the party whip guide laws through congress?

The Steering Committee.