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No, you do not need to say "checkmate" on the first move. But if you actually checkmate him, say "checkmate" or just "mate" to remind the opponet you won.

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2009-01-07 11:47:23
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Q: In chess do you have to say checkmate right away?
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Do you say checkmate before your turn in chess?

Never .. Ever

Do you have to say check or checkmate when playing chess?

You don't have to say either. No chess rule requires it, and it may be distracting to your opponent or those around you in a tournament. If you achieve checkmate, you should offer a handshake, or do whatever you normally do to conclude your games, but you do not have to say "checkmate."

Do you have to say checkmate to win a game of chess?

No. Declaring a check/checkmate is not required since most players know when they are in check or checkmate. If they don't notice, then point it out to them.

When do you say checkmate when playing chess?

You say 'Checkmate' when the King is under attack and has no spaces or options to move to or to remove the attack. The person 'checkmated' loses that game.

What do people say at the endof a chess game?

they would say checkmate if the king is trapped and cant get out that usually wins the game

The word they say at the end of a chess match?

Checkmate or a stalemate if neither player can put the other in a position where their king is trapped

What happens if you accidentally say checkmate?

In chess, there are no rules mandating or prohibiting you from saying "check" or "checkmate" or anything. You do not have to say check or checkmate when making such moves, although it is courtesy. Some people also announce when they promote a pawn, do en passant, or castle. If you say check or checkmate, and you are wrong, then you and the opponent will just laugh it off. If you are continually doing it, your opponent may alert the arbiter to say you're distracting him, but there is no formal rule against this.

Is it right to say chess is your passion?

yes u coulld say playing chess is my passion :D

How do you say checkmate in Chinese?

將死 [ Jiàng sǐ ] Which is literally "general's death" because in Chinese chess, the general is the highest ranking and most important piece, therefore the equivalent to a king in Western chess.

Must you say 'Checkmate'?

Yes. If you fail to speak the word, you forfeit the game. If you say, "Checkmate", and it turns out that indeed, it is NOT checkmate, you forfeit the game.

How do you say checkmate in Italian?


Do you have to speak check if the king is under threat in chess?

Yes. If you have your opponents king under threat, you have to say check. If you have their king in a position to take it and they have no move left to save it, you say checkmate.No, you don't have to say check or checkmate. I used to play in USCF tournaments and we never did.

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